New NamUs listing.  Found 1980 in Philadelphia: Severely decomposed female body found in vacant house wrapped in trash bags and bound with electrical cord. 

What made him think the child was on the east coast?

 This pregnant Marlene. What was she up to?
Wonder when Rasmussen got his pick-up with a shell camper on it?

Could "The Lady of the Dunes" found in 1974 in Provincetown MA be Paula (Harvey) Govoni who disappeared from MA in 1971? Or is she the woman in the barrel in NH? And why isn't Paula Govoni listed in NamUs? Or did she turn up? Time to contact Paul Richard Govoni to ask about his wife.

Anyone know if this little girl was claimed by anyone or what became of her?

 Although we think it is unlikely that the Allenstown victims (and the mother of Rasmussen's child in the barrel) appear on any official missing persons lists, we are interested in  women/girls who went missing during the 1970s.  These are the listings for females who went missing between Jan 01, 1970 and Dec 31, 1981 whose DNA status in NamUs are other than "Sample submitted - Tests complete."

Thinking about those "grass mushrooms" that Rasmussen told Lisa had killed her siblings. Wonder if he based the story on an actual event such as this one in California in 1983? Could he have been involved with someone from the Laotian community? Perhaps the mother of his child in the barrel is from one of the immigrant communities. Eunsoon was Korean and the people whose store he lived at in CA were middle eastern, perhaps Rasmussen sought out minority communities to blend into.

 Probably should make sure that this has nothing to do with anything we are looking into.

Because everyone catches our eye.

I think it would be worthwhile for LA authorities to look closer at the files that remain on this case.

Coincidences. We have learned to move past them. But when it comes to Clarence Ronald McCoy and his life, the similarities to Rasmussen were startlingly uncanny. Apparently Rasmussen has a criminal doppelganger:

 McCoy killed his wife and dumped her body (found armless)
Bragged he could kill people and they would never be found
Wife named Donna
Abandoned his little girl in a supermarket
Had many aliases, including “Bill Jensen”
Said he was an army medic
Delivered his child in the back of a camper
Told his wife’s parents they had to vanish because bill collectors were after them
Told the police his wife was under a strain and vanished
Worked in the oil fields
Was an electrician and opened a repair shop for TVs and cooling systems — by all accounts he could fix anything that ran on current
Daughter born in Denver, CO
Stole at least 3 vehicles including a pickup truck
Was a fugitive from justice
Had an ex-wife and a child in TX
Had warrants for forgery, check fraud and theft,
Became a supervisor in a shipyard
Had a drinking problem
Moved from woman to woman

(Removed the articles we had posted on McCoy because we located Donna's sister who looked at pictures of Rasmussen and confirmed that McCoy was a separate individual and not an alias of Rasmussen's)

Oregon. Arizona. Aliases. Fluent Spanish. Hmm. 

1973 California. Could Rasmussen have been juggling two families- one in Newhall and the one we know about in Redwood City? Might be worth asking the Mussers what Willaim (sic) Murray looked like in the event that all four of those girls were not his biological children.

 There are so many odd stories out there. Like this one from 1983. A 28 year old woman named Elizabeth Diane Hamlin, from Huntsville TX, abandoned her four children, Trevor, 6, Sissy, 5, Kevin, 3, and Jason, 2, at a McDonald's restaurant in Memphis, TN. She was arrested in Chattanooga after a Salvation Army clerk recognized her from news accounts about the abandoned children. At first, Elizabeth said she was abducted by her traveling companions, Indianapolis couple Robert Lee Yeary, 42, and his wife, Carolyn Sue Yeary, 29. However, soon Elizabeth, the Yearys, and an "unidentified male" are charged with aggravated rape involving two of the children and the Yearys are also charged with raping their 7 year old adopted daughter while working at Tellico River Ministries Camp. Police also found "97 sexually explicit photographs of the Yearys, an unidentified woman, and what appeared to be a man dressed as a woman" in Mrs. Yeary's purse. 

Somewhere in here, Robert Yeary tells police that there is a body of a child in an outside toilet on the Tellico Camp property and they do a 3 hour search but don't find anything. [Interestingly, in 1989 an informant tells authorities that a 13 year old girl witnessed the burial of a boy at the camp on June 9, 1989. They also search and don't find anything]. Elizabeth's estranged husband, Donald Hamlin, who was awaiting trial in Knoxville on embezzlement charges, was awarded custody of his four children.
Several very disturbing things about this story that need to get looked at.

Meaghan of the Charley Project mentioned missing siblings Lillian and Mylette Anderson on her blog. Missing out of FL in 1974. I'd never heard of them and seeing that they were 11 and 6 when they vanished, it made me wonder if there was any chance they could be the two oldest Allenstown girls. What if Lillian had a child down the road who was the youngest victim? So very unlikely because ages don't fit well but how odd that they are not listed in NamUs or NCMEC. Looks like authorities know who may have killed them but still, do they have DNA in the system anywhere? 

Anyone know the backstory on this girl? Her face is similar to how I have always imagined the oldest Allenstown child to look

Sometimes a story seems so hauntingly similar to that of Dawn/Lisa's. Phoenix, Los Angeles, Ramussen, aliases, abducted child, molested child, abandoned child. Such is the story of Inez Jean Sanders.

Was there ever an arrest in the death of 4 year old Heidi Peterson who went missing in Seattle in 1974 and whose body was found in odd circumstances in 1975?

Thinking about isotopes while looking over the slides from the November 2015 NH Press Conference (these are direct quotes):
Isotope Results: The 3 related females show consistent isotope values for the region where their bodies were found, suggesting that they could be from New Hampshire or from a nearby state. The values suggest they were from an area closer to the Atlantic coast versus further inland.
Isotope Analysis:  Based on the totality of the isotope results from 2009 and 2015 it is more likely than not that all four victims are from the Northeast region.
Reminder to self to look at what is most logical.

Rasmussen was discharged from the Navy in 1967 and moved to Hawaii. I wonder if he visited his old home town of Phoenix, AZ prior to his move to Hawaii? The unsolved homicide of Carmen Dawn Goll in Phoenix that year makes me wonder.

Rasmussen worked for "Otto" when he lived in Phoenix. Perhaps this was the man:

Or perhaps this man:

One of the stories we became involved in when looking for the identities of the Allenstown victims.

The unidentified dead man found in May 1982 in Newton MA. Any chance the Allenstown victims were his family?  White male age 35-45 yrs old, 5’6” to 5’8”, 150-160 lbs, dark brown hair with full beard and moustache. Been seen around the area for a few weeks, apparently lived in the Marks home during that time, thought he may have been homeless. No tattoos or scars. Died by apparently self-inflicted gunshot. Only clue: the letter “S” written with a ballpoint pen on the tongue of his work boot. NOT in NamUs.

This unidentified woman was probably killed too early to be the mother of Rasmussen's child but looking forward to her DNA testing finishing up. Some in NH wonder if she was another victim of the Die Hard Motorcycle Club as her body was found in Bedford NH not far from where they dumped Wanda Graham's body.
 Wonder if there is DNA available for Quebec's missing Marthe Turcotte? Less than a month from the time Marthe went missing until this body was found in NH in October of 1971. I'd like to see Marthe's DNA run against the Allenstown woman's as well. And I wonder why Wanda Madeiros Reine missing out of Massachusetts doesn't have a NamUs page? She vanished in March of 1971. Could she be the woman found in Bedford in October of 1971? Just a 2.5 hour trip from East Falmouth, MA to Bedford.

UPDATE: Christine Elizabeth Thomas had a brief listing in NamUs as missing in 1974 from Lima, Ohio with two children.She was found alive so was removed from the system.

  Could these be connected to Rasmussen?

As Rasmussen once lived in Conroe, perhaps this woman crossed his path. Too bad there is no DNA available for her.

Knowing that Rasmussen had ties to Colorado, could this woman's disappearance be connected to him? She can't be the woman in the barrel if the timeline is correct as she didn't have a child in 1975 but...
Initial inquiry underway for DNA. 

A woman's skull was found in VT in 2012. Her NamUs page states that authorities believe she was between the ages of 15 and 40 and was Asian. There was insufficient DNA for profiling and her dental information has not been added to the database. Could Rasmussen have been involved with another Asian woman prior to Eunsoon Jun, perhaps one that he had a child with? Danby is not that far from Allenstown.

The little unidentified girl found in 1973 in the foothills of Fontana, CA. Per her NamUs listing, she was found with a "child's rosary with "gold colored" crucifix." A 1975 articles in the San Bernadino Sun states that her ribs were crushed.

This woman (newly entered into NamUs) found in 1982 in Massachusetts. Too short to be Denise but could she be the mother of Rasmussen's daughter found in the barrel? Wonder what happened to her remains, could they be exhumed to retrieve DNA?

Wonder if the missing Oregon woman Kim Charleson could have crossed paths with Rasmussen? She has a rather strong resemblance to the composite of his daughter. Her DNA tests were recently completed so likely the results have excluded her ... but it was VERY recently so who knows?

Or could this woman be the mother of Terry's daughter? She was found in a trunk in a state park in Maryland in the summer of 1982 and authorities believe she may have been there for 3 or more years. Unfortunately no DNA on file. 

Wonder if there is any chance that this little girl could be the 6 month old that Rasmussen had when he showed up in 1984 in CA with Lisa?

In light of the recent news about a possible Oregon connection for Rasmussen, we wish we knew more about this female pelvic bone that was discovered in 1985 in Eugene. They have DNA so likely not...

"Little Miss Nobody" found in AZ in 1960. Could this unidentified child have been Rasmussen's first victim?

Could the unidentified dead woman found in Connecticut in 1975 wrapped in a tarp and bound with electrical cord be another victim of Rasmussen's? Or the female UID found in NYC in 1991 who was found bound with electrical cords? Or the female UID found in 1975 in CA wrapped in a brown blanket and tied with an electrical cord? Or the female UID found in 1996 in New Mexico wrapped in six plastic bags tied with electrical wire?

The Moynihan murders?

 The Janet and Christina Carter case?

That little girl of his that wound up in a barrel in NH. What if he didn't leave her mother dead in his travels but abducted his daughter in a story like that of Melissa Suzanne HighsmithWe know he answered an ad for a handyman, perhaps he answered one for a babysitter? (And as he answered ads, did he also run ads for his handyman services?)

Found a story about an abandoned child in Texas which has led to an interesting development. More about this on the Looking For You page.

  We submitted NamUs MP # 11096 Deborah Tomlinson out of Oregon as a possible match for the Allenstown woman (we know Tomlinson has DNA in the system but...)

UPDATE: Ruled out as Denise. We wondered if Denise Beaudin could be the unidentified woman (NamUs UP # 4527) found in April of 1984 at the edge of a shallow grave in Hockley, Harris County TX? Brown hair, about 65 inches tall, had likely given birth at least once, estimated to have been dead about 6 months.

Or perhaps NamUs UP # 10742 (found 1986 in Yavapai County AZ)

Or if the woman in the barrel in Allenstown could be this woman missing out of Quebec?


Rasmussen allegedly wrote in a note that he sent with the people he gave Lisa to that he had been afraid that she was going to be born with Down Syndrome because her mother was an older woman. Per newspaper accounts, this note stated that Rasmussen planned to bury her "next to an ant hill" if the baby didn't have the normal amount of fingers and toes when she was born. Could he have killed his own daughter because she had a disability and seen Denise's daughter as the healthy replacement for his own? Was Elizabeth the older mother (closer in age to Rasmussen himself) and is maternal age why he was so resistant to Eunsoon Jun having children?

Rasmussen was arrested twice in one year for theft of electricity. Could that be because he had bodies stored and he couldn't risk losing power to his freezer? Perhaps the dismemberment was necessary for the freezer and not so much for the barrels. 

What better place for a pedophile on the hunt to work at than at Disney Land? We know Rasmussen was in the Anaheim area, maybe that's where he worked as an electrician when in Orange County.

Could the two oldest Allenstown victims be sisters with the youngest victim being the child of the oldest?

Thinking about Rasmussen's use of aliases and his likely glee in muddying the waters about who he was and where he came from. He told people that Lisa was the daughter of Denise "Laporte" which wasn't Denise's last name but he did steal an identity from La Porte TX. He told people he was born in Evanston WY (not true) but he used the surname "Evans" as an alias. What other games did he play with names and the places?  And all those Curtises appearing in his names- one Curtis identity he stole- Curtis Mayo Kimball- but why use Curtis as a middle name in a different alias, Gordon Curtis Jensen, or with a different combination of names- Curtis Rollin Kimball? Perhaps he carried one name into the next, a proverbial trail of identity breadcrumbs so he could find his way back. Such a cagey man. Such a Mocker Man. 

 Wonder if the Norwegian psychic detective will weigh in again in light of the new information?

What's with all those male suffixes at the end of Rasmussen's aliases? Son, man, don. . Jameson, Vannerson, Jenson, Gorman, Mockerman, Jordon. Feeling like a nonperson for being sexually attracted to little children so trying to root himself in masculinity?

Just as Terry Rasmussen's four children did not know of the existence of his daughter who wound up in the barrel, is it possible he has other living children out there? If so, and they could be found, this could shed light on his travels and possibly help identify his barrel victims. Hope the Rasmussen children have submitted DNA to Ancestry and 23andme.

Thomas Camille Patterson. It would be good to know more about this guy and his father. Wonder what the research shows on the percentages of killers who dismember their victims also being child molesters? Is there a linkage in the pathology?

I couldn't find a follow-up story about this child and wonder if she was eventually claimed? (click on story to enlarge)

 Could this woman be from New Hampshire?

This unidentified woman was found at a campsite in Cave Junction, OR in 1971. Investigators believe that she may have grown up in the "northeast corner of the US." She was wearing a ring with the letters "AL" scratched onto the surface. 
 Her NamUs page

 This young woman from a cultish group- did she give her baby away to group members or to someone she met at the campground?

Those 2 unidentified children found in Wayne County NY in 1980 along the shores of Lake Ontario. NamUs One and Two. Gender not determined and insufficient DNA for profiling. What is their story?

Where on the east coast? Who was the enticer?

Odd story all around. (2 articles)

This child was eventually identified as Angie Lee Kimberlin after a grandmother came forward to claim her. A judge terminated parental rights in Jan 1978 with the aim of clearing the way for the child to be placed for adoption. Not sure if the grandmother waged an appeal.

Always wondered about Robert Eugene Whitacre whose wife Carmel Sue was killed in NH and her body wasn't found for a decade or so. I'd like to see a picture of this guy even though he apparently died in 2003 in San Benito CA. A military guy, wouldn't take a lie detector test re. Carmel's disappearance and put their baby son up for adoption in CA against the wishes of the baby's maternal grandparents. Exceedingly cold man.  


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