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A lot of pondering going on around the country about who 'Bob Evans' actually was and where he came from. However, in light of the dearth of articles appearing after the last week of January,  many assume that authorities have figured out who Evans was. And if not, then WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR IN GETTING MORE NATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE FOR THIS STORY?


1981 description:
"Evans, meanwhile, is white with brown hair and blue eyes. He is between 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inch tall. At the time, Evans weighed approximately 170 pounds."

  We had occasionally posted profiles here of men being considered as possible matches for Evans. Men listed as missing, men who are fugitives, men who have vanished from their families, etc. However, in considering the implications this has for the families of those men, we will no longer be posting these publicly.


These are simply theories listed here. We are soon likely to learn who Evans was and more about his history and thus it is an unprecedented opportunity to suggest theories that can later be compared against facts. This process will allow us to assess the validity of our reasoning on various points and better inform our research going forward.   

Evans allegedly wrote in a note that he sent with the people he gave Lisa to that he had been afraid that she was going to be born with Down Syndrome because her mother was an older woman. Per newspaper accounts, this note stated that Evans planned to bury her "next to an ant hill" if the baby didn't have the normal amount of fingers and toes when she was born. Could Evans have killed his own daughter because she had a disability and seen Denise's daughter as the healthy replacement for his own? Was Elizabeth the older mother (closer in age to Evans himself) and is maternal age why he was so resistant to Eunsoon Jun having children?

Evans was arrested twice in one year for theft of electricity. Could that be because he had bodies stored and he couldn't risk losing power to his freezer? Perhaps the dismemberment was necessary for the freezer and not so much for the barrels. 

 Evans wasn't originally from the west coast. Gruenheid (the CA detective who arrested him and who was herself from the east coast) commented on his accent and asked him if he were from the east coast, a question that caused him to lose his composure for a moment.

Evans has a history of arson, particularly in his youth. 

He had to have an unofficial wedding with Eunsoon as he was already married in the state of California with no divorce on record.

Evans was arrested for a brutal crime as a teenager but was committed to a state hospital and eventually released. A story along the lines of a Gerald Paul Troiano situation.

Most of his "autobiographical" information was false and designed to obscure his identity. But the Norwegian/Danish descriptor was true and was included because he was proud of it.

What better place for a pedophile on the hunt to work at than at Disney Land? We know Evans was in the Anaheim area, maybe that's where he worked as an electrician when in Orange County.

Evans had a deep-seated fear of abandonment. Perhaps a mother who left when he was little, causing him to develop a hatred of women and an insecure sense of self. Describing himself to police as a "non-person" and detached from any one name, he killed women before they could leave him too. 

The two oldest Allenstown victims are sisters and the youngest victim is the child of the oldest. Evans met them at the campground in the state park.

Evans was on the older end of the age estimates but the name he was known by in New Hampshire was close to his real name. He hadn't killed anyone yet but was avoiding lesser crimes or child support payments. This was the peak of his professional life and he hadn't slid into the disheveled drifter he would later become.

Evans always wore a moustache and had a closed mouth smile as perhaps he was self-conscious about having an overbite (inherited by his daughter).

Maybe he was a New England boy, never served in the Navy but had a father who did and a mother or sister with  'Elizabeth' in her name. He faked his own death to shake off the life he no longer wanted to be connected to. Maybe a drowning death with no body found, one of the easier 'deaths' to stage. And no one files a missing persons report because everyone believes he is dead.

A "skilled electrician and mechanic" with odd interpersonal traits, folks have wondered if today he would have been diagnosed on the spectrum. Perhaps he gravitated toward children (in the beginning) because he tended to alienate adults and this eventually took him dark and terrible places. That the dismembering of his victims wasn't done for anything but practical disposal because that was what seemed logical in his cold and mathematical mind. The horror of his deeds compelled him to try to drink away the demons and he gave up Lisa because he knew that he would kill her if he didn't.

Maybe he had father issues, couldn't live up to the successes of a man who had a distinguished military career so padded his own story with grandiose claims. In one article, Eunsoon Jun's cousin is quoted as saying, "He said he owned lots of property, that he was a self-made millionaire, that he used to be a colonel in the Army and that he worked for the CIA and if he wanted to disappear, he could disappear just like that." Well, one part he didn't have to invent, he definitely was good at disappearing and if he told other people from his past that he was in the CIA, it helped to explain the secrecy surrounding him.

If news articles are correct and Eunsoon Jun (age 45) and Evans were experiencing conflict around having children, one wonders if he was opposed to adopting because he knew his aliases would unravel during the background check part of the process.

  We submitted NamUs MP # 11096 Deborah Tomlinson out of Oregon as a possible match for the Allenstown woman.

Wondering if Denise B. could be the unidentified woman found in April of 1984 at the edge of a shallow grave in Harris County TX? (not in La Porte as I'd originally wondered about, but in Hockley). Brown hair, about 65 inches tall, had likely given birth at least once, estimated to have been dead about 6 months. Or perhaps NamUs UP # 10742 (found 1986 in Yavapai County AZ)? Or NamUs UP # 7132 (found 1985 in Riverside County CA)?

Or if the woman in the barrel in Allenstown could be this woman missing out of Quebec?

Could the unidentified dead woman found in Connecticut in 1975 wrapped in a tarp and bound with electrical cord be another victim of Evans? Or the female UID found in NYC in 1991 who was found bound with electrical cords? Or the female UID found in 1975 in CA wrapped in a brown blanket and tied with an electrical cord? Or the female UID found in 1996 in New Mexico wrapped in six plastic bags tied with electrical wire?
That little girl of his that wound up in a barrel in NH. What if he didn't leave her mother dead in his travels but abducted his daughter in a story like that of Melissa Suzanne HighsmithWe know he answered an ad for a handyman, perhaps he answered one for a babysitter? (And as he answered ads, did he also run ads for his handyman services?)

Could Evans be connected to these cases? 

The Moynihan murders
2015 Moynihan exhumation 

The death of Janet Gail Carter whose nude body was found inside garbage bags in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1973 and whose 3 year old daughter Christina Lynn Carter was never been found. Maybe Evans was camping in the park when he met them.
About Janet and Christina 

The unsolved murder of Kathleen O'Gorman
And apparently the death of this Kathleen was similar to that of Kathleen Ann Randall whose body was found in Nashua, NH. Below is an excerpt from a June 3, 1973 Boston Herald article

The Kathleen murders seem more in keeping with a Robert Breest type slayer but who knows what Bob Evans did for kicks in his early years? Strangely enough, Breest, like Evans spent time in Allenstown NH.

Always wondered about Robert Eugene Whitacre whose wife Carmel Sue was killed in NH and her body wasn't found for a decade or so. I'd like to see a picture of this guy even though he apparently died in 2003 in San Benito CA. A military guy, wouldn't take a lie detector test re. Carmel's disappearance and put their baby son up for adoption in CA against the wishes of the baby's maternal grandparents. Exceedingly cold man.

Thomas Camille Patterson. It would be good to know more about this guy and his father. Wonder what the research shows on the percentages of killers who dismember their victims also being child molesters? Is there a linkage in the pathology?

I couldn't find a follow-up story about this child and wonder if she was eventually claimed? (click on story to enlarge)


Authorities have the tiny town of Felton CA in Santa Cruz county on their map of confirmed locations of Evans (1985) with an "unknown alias." The town is not mentioned in their timeline handouts however.  What happened in Felton and how were they able to connect it to Evans?

The NH authorities said there is a gap of time (10 or 12 years?) where Evans whereabouts are unknown. CA authorities place him living in a store in CA at that time. Is the store information newly received since the press conference? And if so, what else was learned for new information along with that fact?

In looking at where both isotope maps overlap and thinking about Evans claim to be Norwegian, would it make sense to target the Berlin NH area with stories about Evans? Per the Berlin and Coos County Historical Society, many residents of the area are the descendants of Norwegian immigrants.

 For how many years can touch DNA be recovered from a material such as paper? If authorities have writing samples of Evans, can they be tested for this?

Wonder if the Norwegian psychic detective will weigh in again in light of the new information?

And does NAMUS have a page on Bob Evans in the unidentified section? (Someone searching for him from his past might recognize his pictures or aliases)

And what do you FBI criminal profilers have to say about Evans? You came to the party 35 years late but hey, you're here now and the taxpayers support your efforts. Four dead girls in barrels weren't that compelling but one creepy serial killer gets the big guns fired up. Could you weigh in on this publicly or do you just profile folks once you already know their histories? How about going out on a professional limb before any more elderly folks die not knowing what happened to their children or grandchildren? Your assessment could potentially ring a bell that brings in the tip that breaks the rest of this case (and God knows how many others) wide open.

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