The Missing and the Theories

December 1, 2018: In response to the deluge of inquiries sent our way regarding posts people have seen online about this case recently. Let us all maintain a respectful online stance toward information and individuals just as we would want others to do if it were our family going through this.

2017- thoughts on identities of victims and possible other Rasmussen victims, see Musings

During the years of researching this case prior to December of 2016, we were frequently asked what we thought the back story was in Allenstown. We had no idea. The most likely scenario after the 2015 update was that a woman with a couple of children got together with a man with a child and in a drunken rage, he ended up killing them all. But we also wondered if perhaps a sexual predator offered sanctuary to a family on the fringes. Or that a woman already on the run ran into something far worse than what she was running from. Or maybe the man she was running from caught up with her and the girls. 

Whatever the case, it seemed likely that someone who was missing the woman, at least, had searched for her, perhaps posting online about a sister who took off for New England with a new boyfriend or for nieces they thought the state had taken away, etc. Perhaps the killer himself had fallen off the radar and was being searched for by relatives. We scoured the online genealogy forums looking for anyone looking for them. We contacted people all over the country asking if they had ever located that missing friend or relative. We came across a 1973 article out of Tennessee where a man had given a ride to a family who never made it to their stated destination and so we called him to see if they had ever turned up. He was astonished to hear from someone about it forty years after the article ran! And yes, they turned up and no, we didn't take his word for it, we tracked them down.

As a result of combing through these queries, one of the highlights of this project has been reuniting people with long lost relatives whenever we can. Some of the stories we came across were particularly interesting to us and we decided to feature several of them on the Looking For You page.

One of the queries we found was from a relative of Cynthia Louise Putnam missing out of VT since 1974. In researching her case, we came across what we believe to be the answer to her disappearance. We notified family members and authorities of our findings and hope that conclusive evidence can be found that confirms our research.

Another name we came across while perusing old NH newspapers was that of Denise Daneault, a woman missing out of Manchester NH in 1980. Never having heard of her and not seeing her name on any lists of the missing, we began contacting her friends and relatives, state authorities, national authorities, etc. in an unsuccessful attempt to get her officially listed as missing. Raised a ruckus to no avail. Along came a serial killer from her neighborhood and voila, she appears as missing! 

We also wondered about whether the 'unrelated child' came from Canada and if the lack of cross-border communication hindered identification efforts. We looked at whether she could be Yohanna Cyr or Lorraine Legault, both missing from Montreal. Interestingly, we learned that a person of interest in the Cyr case lives in a neighboring town to Allenstown and we notified NH authorities about him.

We wondered whether the killer in Allenstown was a family annihilator who took his own life after killing his family. A man like Michael Dean, suffering with PTSD from his time in Vietnam, who was never able to lay his inner demons to rest. The woman who died with Dean and her children had lived in Bear Brook Gardens in 1981 and we had learned about their tragic story when we tracked down former residents and reached out to her relatives. When we learned about Bob Evans' involvement, we circled back around to Dean. Was there any possibility that Evans was actually Dean and he staged his own death in that fire, allowing him to move on with no fear of being sought? Evans (while using this name) and Dean shared a June 22nd birthday, could they have shared more?

We wondered if the case involved a man like Robert Honsch who killed his family, assumed a new name, and started a new family. We explored Honsch's history to see if he could have lived as Bob Evans before assuming the new alias of Robert Tyree.

We tried to learn more about that peculiar suicide on New Rye Road in 1983. Some folks in the area were never sure that the man stabbed himself to death and we wondered why he chose such a difficult manner of suicide. We explored the story of a person who committed suicide on Laurel Ave in Bear Brook Gardens but were unable to learn the person's name.

Because one of the children in the barrel was unrelated to the other victims, we searched for women who could be that child's mother, particularly among the unidentified dead and among women who had a child abducted by a non-custodial parent.

People mentioned "Woodlawn, Maryland Jane Doe" to us as a possibility. She was thought to have been from the Boston area and was found in 1976. We wondered if it was possible she'd had a child with Evans, a child who outlived her mother by four years or so.

It seemed likely that the unrelated child's mother never reported her daughter missing because she had been killed as well. There were two possibilities we thought were rather compelling.  First, this unidentified woman who died or was killed in 1985 and whose isotope testing shows likely New England residence. 

And second, this young woman killed in 1985 by a blow to the head and found beside an exit ramp in Tennessee: nude, slight overbite, light brown or dark blonde hair with a reddish tint.

The fact that the two barrels in Allenstown were found a hundred yards apart and the barrel that investigators had to walk past every day as they investigated the 1985 discovery (within clear sight of the path) was not found until 2000 has been a nagging detail to us from the start. One theory that we considered was that the two younger children were actually killed later than the others or were  deposited at a later date in a barrel that had already been searched in the 1985 investigation.

We considered two women missing out of Massachusetts in the 1970s- Rory Kesinger and Doris Tetreault. Both a little on the old end of the age estimates but geography and lack of information about their lives suggest they would be wise to rule out.

We also looked at the theory that the whole family in Allenstown was never the target - that one of the girls was targeted by a pedophile and perhaps her mother tried to intervene. Older people in Allenstown still remember the winter of 1969 when 11 yr old Debra Lee Horn disappeared from her home and was found the following summer in the trunk of a car in Sandown, nude and with probable head trauma, just like the girl found in the barrel fifteen years later. Neither murder ever solved. Is it just a coincidence that this tiny rural town has two similar unsolved murders?

We were told by one of his relatives that Robert Callahan "took in a woman who had nowhere to go." As Callahan lived on the property where the barrels were found during the years in question, we found this information disturbing but were never able to verify it. Callahan was incarcerated at the NH State Prison from 1991 to 1996 after being convicted for sexual assault of a minor. His court transcripts  reveal that he admitted molesting both boys and girls over a period of many years. Callahan died in NH in 2011.
                                                                                        Robert Callahan

We also researched Robert Steffen who lived on Edgewood Drive in Bear Brook Gardens and went to prison in 1985 for molesting children. He used multiple aliases (Richard Holmes, Bob Stone, Bob Holmes, and Joe Howard) and died in prison in 1988. He was raised in Malden MA and also lived in Lawrence, Stoneham, and Haverhill as well as on the west side of Manchester NH.

Another man who came to our attention during this research project was Pembroke NH child-pornographer Brian Schultz. 

"In an affidavit summarizing the results of a four-month investigation, FBI agents alleged that the defendants produced and distributed films depicting young women engaged in sexual activity with animals, children urinating on each other, children ingesting human feces and various bizarre sex acts involving children apparently as young as 6 years old ...Howard said he is "hoping against hope" that the investigation does not reveal that many local children were used in making these films.  But the affidavit quotes Schultz saying he filmed "several 13-year-old girls from Lowell, Massachusetts." Howard also said some of the children "were abducted from other parts of the country." We wondered if all of the children in Schultz's films were identified or whether some could have wound up discarded in barrels in the neighboring town.

And speaking of predators, this child sex trafficker came from or has lived in NH apparently. Anyone know where? 

Nicknamed "The Beast," Joshua David Brown has been accused of facilitating a child sex trafficking ring in Peru and some articles about him state that he has also been accused of killing two of his victims. 

This New Hampshire man has some disturbing convictions on his record and his native american roots caught our eye in light of information that has been discussed about the victims having shovel shape dentition (a trait sometimes found in those with first nation heritage, among others).
                                                  Edward C. Paul
                                Aliases: Paul Big Eagle, Charles Edward, Big Eagle Paul, etc.

AND then there were the theories about a situation like the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping, a captor fathering children with a girl he abducted years earlier. Implausible but the strange story of Suzanne Marie Sevakis comes to mind. We wondered about missing New England children such as Lisa Joy White and Debra Lee Spickler, both out of Tolland County, CT.

We looked at the New England runaways such as Maria Florence Anjiras who was once thought to be associated with a motorcycle club (later found to be a case of mistaken identity).

Thinking about motorcycle clubs brought us to the Die Hards, a group who held their annual barbecues in Allenstown. Freddie Comtois, one of their most notorious members, supposedly lived with a girlfriend in Bear Brook Gardens at one time although we never learned who she was. 

Jan 1982 Telegraph article:

 Comtois was hardly a model inmate. May 1983:
Apparently NH Dept of Corrections has a short memory because Comtois made it back to the NH State Prison and was reunited with his partner in crime, Raymond Glidden, before his death in the prison.
People familiar with the biker clubs of the day assured us that they would not have sanctioned the killing of children. Their treatment of women certainly was brutal.

AND then there was that suicide of an unidentified man in 1982 in Newton MA, an hour and a half from Allenstown. A man who also has not been identified to this day and whose case does not appear in NAMUS. We had wondered if he killed his family and then himself.

And we wondered if we should be looking for a man who fell off the face of the earth- someone like James Thomas Stanley aka "Tom" who went missing out of Ohio in 1974 and whose family never reported him missing because they thought he was in some kind of trouble. We only mention this missing man because a Thomas Stanley lived in Bear Brook Gardens and no one remembers him and we never found him. Stanley is definitely not serial killer Bob Evans but is he our mystery man in the park? And speaking of Stanleys, we wondered if the Thomas from BBG was from one of the Stanley paving families in the area that travel around the country doing asphalt and roofing jobs as an  anonymous poster to this blog wrote that the victims were a "gypsy" family who had traveled to the area for work projects, maybe camping in the state park. We wondered if this scenario explained the unrelated child and the silence around the disappearances as the travelers tend to handle crime and consequences within their own community.

And we wondered about a NH couple who went on a grisly killing spree in the 1980s. They killed at least three people, including the woman's child and dismembered her husband, so we wondered what other atrocities they might have committed. 

Due to information authorities released in December 2016 and in 2017, most of the theories discussed on this page have been ruled out.


  1. have the welch uncle and nephew who worked for carnival,that took sisters (lynch)been ruled out they were
    never found

  2. Not that I know of, is there any reason to believe they were in New Hampshire?

    1. itdid say lyon sisters out of maryland kidnapped in 1977 from mall by 2 carnival workers that worked delaware,md.and virginia

  3. Have you looked at the photos of teh Alcala killer?

    look at photos 12, 15, 33 and 81

  4. Yes, the authorities know that Alcala aka Berger was in NH at one time and we've mentioned those same pictures as well. You'll see him mentioned in a 2012 comment on this blog.

    1. 1-14-17..Mja Inc Investigations : We would like to say this is an awesome web-site..Your in depth investigation is what this Case needs..Mja has some of the same Photo's you have on this site that were sent to us in a form of a tip..But not much text involved..But after visiting this site & seeing the Photo's with text that explains everything we have gotten a better view of the Case..Thanks ! I have never seen so much detail on this Case with some true facts to follow..I must admit Mja will have a lot more to do because some of these " Persons Of Interest " might fit some of the other cases we are looking into..Also about Alcala we worked with the Orange County California Sheriff's Office to help with the I.D.of the photo's..We also worked with them on William Bradford's photo's they recovered from a storage unit..I lived in Orange County during Alcala's & Bradford's rampage so I know the area's in question very well..Also just to let you know Mja is helping the New York City Police to put a case on Alcala..It just so happens that on the same date Alcala [ using Berger ] killed a lady in her apartment there was a another Female who went missing 5 blocks from the Murder scene..The Police had totally missed that case & didn't have a clue to a possible connection until we contacted them in 2010..Mja plans on reading this whole site & we hope to find some more surprises that we can look forword too..Great Job..

  5. Has Janice K. Pockett been ruled out as the adult? She has the noticeable gap between her front teeth that the two children related to her has. I tried to find the ruled out list that is mentioned, and could not find it.

  6. Janice has been ruled out as being the oldest child which also rules her out as being the woman

  7. I didn't see much discussion about vehicle ownership. One thing that came to mind immediately when I read about this case was that in order to get two large barrels, each containing two dead bodies, to the location where they were originally dumped, it would require a large truck and it would have had to have been done at a time of day that did not look suspicious. The truck would have had to drive around the back of the burnt store (assuming the crime happened after the store burned down) and then driven back into the woods as far as it could go. That is undoubtedly why the 2000 barrel was found in the location where it was found, because it was impossible to drive deeper into the woods with a truck that could haul such large barrels. They were probably both dumped in the location where the 2000 barrel was found, and it was probably done well after dark, and most likely when the store was already vacant. The clearcutting behind the trailer court that was done in 1974 was probably a young forest again by then, enough to prevent a truck to drive to where the 1985 barrel was found. Also, if the area was still clearcut when the barrels were dumped there, the driver would be very uncomfortable driving across such a wide open area to dump two barrels that contain evidence of a crime. I don't know how easy it is to look up such old vehicle registration records, but the murderer in this case had to either own a truck or had access to one, and also a saw to cut the adult body. That would probably rule out most bikers and quite a few drifters too. Also, back in the early eighties truck ownership was not yet as trendy as it is today; ordinary people didn't own trucks as much back then as they do now. If the murderer didn't own a good sized truck, then there had to be an accomplice.

    1. My first thought was hunting season...after store burned down...lots of trash around so a few more barrels would not arouse suspicion, nor would a pick up. Interested to know about this clear cut. I wasn't aware that one had been done, and I lived in the area since '76.

  8. The theory about the Barrels, The one found in '85 was already onsite seeing as the property was considered a junkyard and the dismembered bodies where wrapped in plastic, possibly bags carried to the barrel, this dump site was one of convenience deep in the woods, Back in the day it was not uncommon to see pickup's parked or traveling down logging roads or trails during late summer early fall as Hunters would start searching for the best spot to hunt no one from the area would have thought twice about a truck in the woods, The close proximity to the Trailer Park could suggest that some one with a workshop setup in a shed could have had the specific type of saw which was used to dismember the body place it in bags and carry it to the site I don't believe the first two victims where brought there in a truck I believe they where carried there. Most clear cut lots are required to leave a buffer zone to adjacent properties so even after the cut it would not have been as open as one might think. The second Barrel I believe was dumped at a later date certain things indicate the bodies where not there at the time the first one was found the close proximity to the road indicates a hastily dump that indicates time was not to the advantage, a Truck or Van say one that is used when moving could have backed onto the property dumped the barrel and left in minuets. I have lived in the area my whole life I know the Trailer Park well, The Store property well and the State Park as I have lived and hunted the area for years and after researching this case for quite some time these are my thoughts on this. X

  9. Has anyone checked DMV or voter registration records on Bob Evans (or other aliases?). If they had a list of possible addresses, they may be able to locate a kill zone (even so many years later) with a lumalight. If they have a place of death, they may find objects related to the woman (purse, ID, anything similar).

    1. No doubt they ran those records the day they learned of Evans. With the FBI and authorities on both coasts working on this, they aren't going to overlook any record or document or domicile associated with him.

  10. has anyone else here about a possible second child with denise's daughter before being abandoned. I read that a women came forward and said that she babysat lisa and a 6mo old child, but there was no mention of a 6mo being abandoned. She said that the 6mo old disappeared. could that have been denises second child also killed.

    1. They don't know who that baby was and there is obviously concern for its well-being. Mother unknown.

  11. Could the woman be Leslie Guthrie missing with her two kids Feb.1977 from NY

    1. Their names have come up numerous times in connection with this but I believe they were ruled out some years ago.