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From the police report: White male age 35-45 yrs old, 5’6” to 5’8”, 150-160 lbs, dark brown hair with full beard and moustache, Been seen around the area for a few weeks, apparently lived in the Marks home during that time, thought he may have been homeless. No tattoos or scars. Only clue: the letter “S” written with a ballpoint pen on the tongue of his work boot. 


 Police yesterday remained stumped over the identity of a man whose partially decomposed body was found Tuesday in a bedroom closet at the home of a Newton couple when they returned from a six- month vacation. The body, which had a bullet hole in the head, was found next to a .25 caliber handgun, police said. "We just want to forget about" it, Charles D. Marks, a tall man with full head of white hair, said yesterday at his home on Boylston street, Newton Highlands. "There's nothing more to say. We're waiting for the police and for the exterminators to fumigate the place."                            
      Police found the body of the unidentified white male, 35 to 40 years old, wearing tan pants, a tan jacket and work-style shoes. While there was no sign of forced entry, Newton police said the Marks' belongings had been "gone through." Nothing was missing, police said.
      "We had a couple of leads, but they were ruled out by the autopsy," which was completed Wednesday, according to Newton Police Capt. Thomas Dargan. A check of dental records and other forensic evidence indicated that the body was not that of a missing Newton graduate student or that of a frequent overnight guest at the Pine Street Inn, a man who had been missing but who turned up this week at his family's home in Florida, police said.
       He said police were investigating the possibility that the wound was self- inflicted. One fact that would support that theory, said Dargan, is that there was no trail of blood leading to the closet.
"From our investigation, the fatal wound appears to have been inflicted in the closet," said Dargan. Whether it was a murder or a suicide is still under investigation, however, he added.

NEWTON POLICE SAY MAN SHOT HIMSELF: Boston Globe 05 June 1982: 1.
Police have still been unable to determine the identity of a man found dead last week in a bedroom closet in Newton, but they are now certain that the gunshot wound which killed him was self-inflicted. Police could not estimate when they would identify the body, which was found after Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Marks returned to their Boylston street home after a six-month vacation.

Lt. Charles Feeley said an eventual identification is probable since "Newton is not like New York City, where they find 25 bodies a day." Unable to use visual identification because of decomposition and having trouble matching up fingerprints, police are now working primarily with dental records.

Police are now pursuing a lead to determine if the victim, 35 to 40 years old, could have been a homeless man who had occasionally slept in the Marks' home while they were away. The Marks did not know the victim, police said. The body, which had a single bullet hole in the head, was discovered sitting upright beside a .25-caliber handgun belonging to the Marks, police said.

"It's impossible that anyone could have shot him and left him in the closet in that position," a police detective said. He added that the body could not have been shot outside the closet and moved since there was no trail of blood.

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