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Newest additions to the blog: Richard and William DeCato. Their names come up frequently.

The names of the people who were listed in the 485 telephone exchange in 1982 in NH. 
  The names of the residents of Allenstown in 1982. 

Crime Watch Daily video May 2016

      Help us find Bear Brook Gardens residents from 1977 thru 1985

In 1985, a hunter found the remains of a woman and a girl in a plastic bag near a 55 gallon barrel in Allenstown NH. They were found on private property behind Bear Brook Gardens Mobile Home Park and near a trail that winds through Bear Brook State. In 2000, the remains of two more girls were found in a barrel nearby. The woman is related biologically only to the oldest child (who was found in the barrel with her) and to one of the other girls. It is unknown if the 2-4 yr old is related paternally to the other children. It is believed that they were killed between 1980 and 1984. 

Their identities remain unknown and as the years pass, the mystery grows. Who are they and why has no one come forward to claim them? 

They have a donated headstone in a local cemetery but they cannot be buried as their remains continue to be studied for clues to their identities. 

Someone out there knows what happened to this family and has been keeping a terrible secret. You can't turn back time and change what happened, but it's not too late to do the right thing. 

Please post their names and let them rest in peace. 

To watch the full 11/17/2015 press conference by the NH AG's office 
2015 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children video    
(contains Allenstown footage and new crime scene photos)  

Boston Globe article on the 30 year anniversary of the first bodies being found (video included)

Isotope testing results released Nov. 2015:                                        The woman and two of the girls may have lived in areas highlighted in green

The third girl may have lived in the red rectangles in the yellow areas


NH Interstate Compact Prisoners (2014)

 NH Fish & Game has a web page entitled 'Protecting Poultry from Predators.' Good resource. The more that is known about predators and their behavior, the safer an environment becomes, whether that environment is a henhouse or a neighborhood. See below for some of the human predators who have/had ties to NH.

NH Predators*

John Brewer 
Joel Bill Caulk
James John Dale 
William DeCato 
John Rose and Susan Dessert
James Moulton and Anne Durand
Richard Gardner 
Carl LeChel 
Paul Moses 
Harold Naparst 
Brian Schultz
Richard Steeves 
Raymond Trimmer Sr and Jr 

* For the purposes of this research, the word ‘predator’ refers to someone who exploits or victimizes others through physical, emotional, sexual, religious, or financial means. Some of these individuals grew up in New Hampshire and others just passed through. Some of them still live in the area, some have gone on to meet their Maker, and others are 'whereabouts unknown.'  

NH Family Annihilators
Joseph Simichak 
James Colbert 

Misery Makers (aka NH drug dealers)
Richard DeCato 
Odd random article