Two missing persons we have asked to have ruled out as being Jane Doe Allenstown:

                                Rory Kesinger                                                                   Lisa Joy White

In 1985, a hunter found the remains of a woman and a girl wrapped in plastic near a 55 gallon barrel in Allenstown, NH. They were found on private property behind Bear Brook Gardens Mobile Home Park and near a snowmobile trail that wound through Bear Brook State Park. In 2000, the remains of two more girls were found in a barrel nearby. It is believed that the woman is maternally related only to the oldest and youngest of the children. Further DNA testing is being done to determine the exact relationship status between the four victims.




2013 WBZ video showing barrels and aerial views


The identity of these victims remains unknown and as the years pass, the mystery grows.  Who are they and why has no one come forward to claim them?
And why, with all of those miles of forest to choose from, would someone choose to dump bodies so close behind a busy mobile home park?

Bear Brook Gardens Mobile Home Park off of Deerfield Rd. According to early articles, the bodies were located in the woods behind 22 Edgewood Drive (address red-flagged on map)

The victims have a headstone in this cemetery in Allenstown - carved before the bodies of the little girls were found.

Unfortunately, they cannot be buried in this peaceful spot as their  remains continue to be studied for clues to their identity. If you know who they are but wish to remain anonymous, PLEASE write their names on a piece of paper along with the word "Allenstown" and mail it to New Hampshire Cold Case Unit 33 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03305 

It's time for these children to rest in peace. And it's never too late to do the right thing.


According to the NH Cold Case website, it is believed that the victims were killed sometime between 1977 and 1985.

  The forest was NOT heavily wooded around the trail


Original sketch released of the adult victim

  Original sketch released of the oldest child

First composites released of the family:

Scott, of Oakhill Research, in gravel pit below the snowmobile trail  

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