NH Interstate Compact prisoners

Some states report the names, other information on inmates Jessica Miller, city reporter, Nov. 8, 2014 

... Five states provided the names of Interstate Compact prisoners. The states were Arkansas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

All but New Hampshire limited the release of names to those the state transferred out, while New Hampshire officials provided names for inmates transferred in and out of the state.

(only NH data from this story is posted here)

New Hampshire

There have been 79 Interstate Compact inmates accepted into the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

They are Anthony Accardi and Takieon Perkins, both from Virginia; Shaun Aguiar, Timothy Barry, Nathaniel Fujita, Daniel Gagnon, David Harvey, William Hicks, Jason Labbe, Florencio Laporte, Ronald Obrien, Lionel Paradise, Mark Pikul, Armand Therrien, Mark Vanzant, Thomas Wise, Patrick Wright and Jeremy Woodley, all from Massachusetts; Sean Allain, Aaron Bassett, Eric Marallo, William Kapusta and Christopher Kosmalski, all from Vermont; Michael Barrios, from Minnesota; Douglas Campbell and Jason Preble, both from Colorado; Stuart Carey, John Field and John Bass, all from California; Michael Ciresi, Gary Silva, and Miguel Perez, all from Rhode Island; Christopher Crumb, Rashaun Hayman, Timothy Kohat, Irvin Morales, Karen Molina, Alexander Alfaro and Joeliot Burgos, all from New Jersey; Ronnie Drake, Donte Wilkens and Eric Heggelund, from Maryland; James Fiori and Barbara Opel, from Washington; Christopher Hafford, Jose Rivera, Joseph Sanko, Javier Santana, Candido Torres, Jeffrey Boyette, Jose Crespo and Angel Nieves, all from Connecticut; Pornchaei Moontri, Herman Baker, Stephen Haberski, Malcolm Robinson and Joel Smith, all from Maine; Robert Purtell, from Texas; Thomas Sullivan, from Arizona; William Szepanski, Daniel Tobey, Reynald Vanloo, Richard Wright, Linda Ellis and Robert Long, all from Florida; Bruce Veney, from Pennsylvania; Eric Williams, from Iowa; James Beverly, from Nevada; Sean Graham, from Utah; John Manard, from Kansas; Juan Meraz, from New Mexico; and Paul Vick, from Wisconsin.

The names of seven inmates were provided without information about what state they were transferred from.

They are James Merrill, Walter Ward, Florentino Avila, William McNeil, Jason Brooks, Joshua Merriam and Caleb Young.
New Hampshire transferred 139 inmates out of the state.

They are Frank Anastosopoulos, Ulises Ayuso, Robert Breest, Donald Breton, Robert Clayton, Craig Conkey, Timothy Conlogue, Sean Driscoll, Thomas Frady, Bismarck Gutierrez, Robert Hickey, Denise Lesnick, Ronald Lombard, Eduardo Lopez, David Macrae, Ismael Malave, Michael Mendoza, Gary Messerschmidt, Jayson Moore, Bruce Newcomb, Charissa Pickering, Issam Rayes, Michael Ringuette, William Rodriguez, Charles Rogers, John Sullivan, Tony Vance, Daniel Vandebogart, Liberio Vasconcelos, Michael Vieu, Leroy Wallace and Matthew York, all to Massachusetts; Jason Anderson, Steven Bennett, John Eliason, Quinn Glover, William Marks, James Monette, Jack Parda, Joseph Scalzo and Marcello Terino, all to Vermont; Benjamin Ayala to Washington; Lawrence Barbosa and Jesse Brooks, both to Arizona; Antoine Bell-Rogers to Wisconsin; Christopher Beltran, Brandon Bilodeau, Anthony Clagon, Philip Dick, Adam Faiella, Anthony Howe, Richard Papineau, Ivan Pickens, Steven Spader and Joseph Vrooman, all to New Jersey; Michael Benton, Michael Cayton, Kenneth Elderkin, Jamey Kidder, Kevin Millette, Walter Panzera, Daniel Roberts and Kenneth Smith, all to Rhode Island; Darrell Brinkley, Domingo Cardona, Diego Duran, Christopher Gagne, Christopher Kelly, Sheila Labarre, Robert McLaughlin, Alberto Ramos, Morris Rogers, Harold Shaneyfelt, Robert Tierney, Douglas Tower and Michael Woodbury, all to Florida; John Burgess, Charles Glenn, Benjamin Robidoux, Thavone Souksamlane, Eric Thornton, James Webster and Christopher Wright, all to Connecticut; Elvis Burke, James Grant and Jesse Sullivan, to Virginia; Steven Carpentier, Richard Earles, Carmine Fazzi, William Flynn, Scott Ford, Peter Gibbs, Nathan Goodwin, Douglas Jenot, William Morel, Gordon Perry, Shawn Tobin, Sarah Vitale and William Yates, all to Maine; Derek Cecil, Kevin Gil and Gilbert Hamel, to California; Bradford Chartrand, to Idaho; Sean Croft and James Moulton, to Colorado; Odalis Gonzalez and Christopher McNeil, both to Nevada; Benjamin Hawthorne and Jonathan Sokorelis, to Pennsylvania; Joseph Lister, Stephen Mann and Travis Turcotte, all to Minnesota; Shawn McManus, to Utah; Edward Pehowic, to Oregon; Clarence Sanders, to Maryland; Pamela Smart, to New York; Dennis Smith, to Texas; Christopher Valeras, to Kansas; Jordan Webster and John Wildes, to New Mexico; Matthew Brooks, Jason Brown, Robert Cennami, Brian Decoito, Kevin Geary, Clay Humphrey, Jason Hurt, Robert Johnston, Kevin Larrabee, Dominic Pace, Gary Sampson, Mason Stewart, Everett Stickney, Judson Stockton, Bernie Subocz, Erin Upham, Scott Wilson and John Wright, all to federal transfer; and Nicholas Vallerand, to community corrections.