DNA Status

Although we think it is unlikely that the Allenstown victims (and the mother of Rasmussen's child in the barrel) appear on any official missing persons lists, we are interested in the women/girls who went missing during the 1970s. This page lists all of the woman/girls in NamUs who went missing between January 01, 1970 and December 31, 1979 whose DNA status are other than "Sample submitted - Tests complete" as of December 10, 2017. 

Listed on this page are those whose DNA status falls into these categories:
Samples submitted - Tests not complete
Sample available - Not yet submitted 
Initial inquiry underway
Sample is currently not available  

Samples submitted - Tests not complete 
Agnes Shoe, Anna Amici, Arilla Webb-Vaul, Barbara Fogle, Catherine Davidson, Donna Larrabee, Eva Valles, Flora Helmick, Kathleen Beitzel, Leslee Larson, Margaret Rucker, Martha Helmick, Patricia Laemmerhirt, Shirley Magee

Sample available - Not yet submitted 
Debra Stewart, Linda Nickell, Lynne Schulze, Patricia Action, Ruth Martin, 

Initial inquiry underway
Barbara Tolbert, Bertha Burke, Carlene Brown, Carol Roberts, Edith Bonham, Gayla Schaper, Helen Brach, Hester Chandler, Iris Brown, Johnsie Bame, Julie Cunningham, Marian Brown, Marjorie Wilson, Patricia Gomez, Patricia Spahn, Patricia Toliver, Sallie Reed, Sandra Davis, Susan DeQuina, Sylvia Torgow

Sample is currently not available
Alice Van Alstine, Angela Allen, Antionette Bernhardt, Barbara Aleksivich, Betty Burton, Beverly McCool, Beverly Ribley, Beverly Ward, Catherine Runte, Charlotte Rexroad, Claudia Smith, Cora Andersen, Delores Sumpter, Diane Licciardello, Dolores Wulff, Dorothy Bois, Eileen DeHart, Elizabeth Byron, Elizabeth Lande, Ellen Bresch, Florence Hector, Giannina Aponte, Jane Wakefield, JoAnn Benner, Joanne Dexter, Joanne Williams, Juanita Oxenrider, Karen Reinert, Katherine Anderson, Katrina Ashford, Laurie Amico, Lillian Lipscomb, Linda Geronimo, Linda Peterson, Lucinda Schaefer, Martha Dicks, Mary Miller, Mary Radford, Mattie Zabel, Michelle Ellis, Micki West, Mrytle Williams, Nancy Glovick, Nancy Wilcox, Pamela Huebner, Peggy Reynolds, Rebecca Suazo, Rory Kesinger, Rosie Schlicker, Ruth Dorsey, Song Im Joseph, Sophie Hull, Stephania Andrews, Stephanie Lyng, Stephanie Smith, Susan Basile, Susan Earls, Tanya Ruiz, Wilma Vermaas

Women and girls who went missing in 1980 and 1981 whose DNA status in NamUs are other than "Sample submitted - Tests complete" 

Women and girls who went missing in 1980:
Elizabeth Pratt NC 
Donna Fowler CA
Nancy Snow MD
Cindy Haumann AZ
Patricia Lilly CO
Angelaquic Benson   CO
Sharon Smith ME
Beverly Bealer CA
Cecile Moch CA
Cherita Thomas MI
Loretta Phillips IN
Anne Manchester DE
Roxane Easland AK
Gina Hall VA
Denise Daneault NH
Elsie Brack PA
Marguarite Mayden MI
Karen Koppel IL
Lana Coronado CA
Denise Dorfman CA
Anna Allen MI
Connie Gregory KY
Kelly Staples IL
Janice Moats IL

Women and girls who went missing in 1981:
 Evelyn Mackey FL
Aida Calfee GA
Theresa Bishop TX
Elizabeth Mooney NY
Thelma Melton TN
Stella Gies CA
Patricia Tigner IL
Sharon Emery IN
Alice Williams WA
Holly Hughes NY
Dorothy Richardson TX
Cynthia Atterbury CO
Alma O'Con CO
Patricia Demarco NV
Edrel Pierce CA
Terri Earhart IL
Naomi Wilson IA
Lorraine Pepe NY
Mary Cook Spencer MD
Gloria Korzon PA
Betty Whitaker CA
Mae Gebhard CA
Christine Langford CA


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