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Over the years of searching for nameless victims and a nameless killer, Scott and I scoured the genealogy forums looking for postings by people who are searching for missing sisters, daughters, fathers, etc. We have contacted hundreds of these folks hoping that one of them will have a story of missing family members that will match the Allenstown situation. One of the highlights of this project has been reuniting people with long lost relatives whenever we could and bringing attention to stories that needed to be brought forward.

This one caught our eye and as it was posted so long ago, we thought that maybe Pattie had found her niece. However, when we contacted her, we learned that this was not the case and Pattie still had no information on the whereabouts of the niece born to Pattie's sister Rosalee and her husband Charles Webster. Rosalee died in CA in 2008 but over the years stated that during a time when she and Charley were separated, she had abandoned Bonnie in a bus terminal in Nampa, Idaho with a diaper bag that contained a few clothes.

Bonnie at 8 months old with a family friend

We couldn't find news articles of this incident but did find a clipping about a child of the same age and in that time frame who was abandoned in Texas. 

The Amarillo Globe-Times
September 28, 1977
Page 1
A pretty brown-eyed baby girl--believed to be between 16 and 18 months old--was found abandoned during the night by a security guard at the Amarillo International Airport. The blonde tyke was found shortly before midnight between two sliding glass doors on the second floor of the international air terminal by Mrs. Vickey Vanderford. who is employed by Wynne Enterprises. Inc., 1208 W 10th.

Following a night of observation at Northwest Texas Hospital, the baby girl appeared to be in good health other than few body bruises. She was temporarily in custody of the Potter-Randall County Child Welfare Department today. Police have no leads as to the child's relatives, and have no evidence as to who left the child at the airport. But the doctor in charge of the child, who wished to remain anonymous, said he believes the parents are still in the Amarillo area. The doctor said the child was "in relatively good health." but is "a little beat up." He said the (?)-pound, 30-inch long baby has several bruises, one reportedly severe around one of its ears. The child's speech consists of singular words-"mommy, daddy, toy, bear, and hungry," he said--but none have led to her parent's identities. He also said there were no apparent birth marks on "Jane Doe number 927" that could possibly be used for identification. He said the girl was named number 927 because she was found yesterday, Sept. 27. 

Mrs. Vanderford said she noticed the baby between the two sliding glass doors of the terminal about 11:20 p.m.. five minutes after the Braniff International Airline ticket office had closed. "It was just making noise and seemed content," she said. "It smelled horrible. The first thing 1 did was change the diaper." She fashioned a janitor's cloth into one. she said. "I took the baby on my patrol, walked outside and around the terminal, then inside," she said. "Then I started to ask people if they had seen anything." When the last flight was gone and "nobody else was in the terminal, she said, "It dawned on me that the child was abandoned." Then she called the police. 

The baby had faded bruises and "dark, purple bruises in its ear," she said. The mother of a 3-1/2-yr old, Mrs. Vannderford described the baby as about 18- months-old. with blonde hair, brown eyes, "and cute." The baby was dressed in "an oversized shirt," she said, and a bottle left with the tot contained soured juice.

 We asked Pattie if Rosalee had ever traveled to Texas and she said that she had and had even offered Bonnie to a cousin living somewhere in the state but it hadn't worked out. The family is not sure what part of the state this cousin lived at the time.

So... can any of you researchers find articles about Bonnie being abandoned in Idaho or legal notices about an eventual adoption? Or can anyone find what happened to the child abandoned in Amarillo? Or an adoptee searching for answers who may be Bonnie? Bonnie's aunts and father would very much like to find her!

The paragraph above was posted on April 28th. Later that day, researcher Katharine Dutton submitted this picture of the little girl found in Amarillo.

We didn't see anything that would rule out the Amarillo girl as being Bonnie and so Bonnie's family has requested that TX authorities be notified regarding the possibility.

Could these be the same girl?
May 2: Submitted an Open Records request to the Amarillo PD. Even though the case is decades old, perhaps there is still information in their archives on what became of little "927!"

May 2:  Shared this meme on Facebook and asked people to target Texas friends

I appreciate the timely response and I'm not surprised that records that old cannot be located...

A websleuth named Diane White, hearing of our efforts to locate the Amarillo baby, found a video on YouTube of "Jane Doe #927" telling the story of her abandonment at the Amarillo Airport. We found the woman on Facebook and messaged her to share our theory about her roots.

DNA test could determine if baby abandoned in Amarillo airport is California child missing since 1977  (October 28, 2017)

This query from 2001 caught our eye and we contacted relatives to see if Martha Douglass was still whereabouts unknown. That is still the case. A 13 or 14 year old girl who just vanished. We contacted law enforcement in CA who did not find any activity in any system on her name with that DOB. We have provided NamUs information to the family.



We read about Edwin P Thompson, formerly of Canaan CT, who went missing out of Pittsfield MA. Couldn't find him listed on missing persons sites so have contacted relatives and provided them information about getting him registered with NamUs.

The family ran into some barriers with providing the information NamUs needed to list Edwin so turned it back over to us. 

Task one: find out what police department took the original missing person report on him. 

July 28th: I left Pittsfield Det. Kim Bertelli a message explaining the case. I also sent a message about the situation to the Pittsfield PD's Facebook page.

August 11th:  Called and left another voicemail for Det. Bertelli. Received a call back from Det. Bertelli who referred me to her Captain- Patrick Barry. Left a voicemail for Captain Barry, Detective Bureau Commander.

September 1st: Nothing from Captain Barry.

October 4th: Not a word from anyone.

November 1: Called the State Police Barracks Cheshire County. Edwin is not in their database. They directed me to keep calling Pittsfield PD until someone responds. Called the Pittsfield PD. The woman who answered told me that Capt Barry is no longer employed there. I asked how long he has been gone. She said several years. I said I'm not sure I can believe that as one of the detectives referred me to him in August re. a missing person's query. She said she couldn't explain that and put me through to Det. Bertelli. I left Det. Bertelli a voicemail.She called back a day or two later and left me a message, I called her back twice and left messages. One of these days...

While researching possible identities for the Allenstown woman, I looked for stories where a woman disappeared under an alias. Perhaps because she was a fugitive, like Rory Kesinger, or because she was a runaway not wanting to be found. I came across a story that intrigued me out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A woman using the name 'Tamara Britton' (aka 'Tammy') disappeared from there in August of 1984. After reading through all the articles I could find on her, it seemed unlikely that she could be our Allenstown woman but another possibility crossed my mind. Could Tamara Britton, the "pretty blond" who arrived in Santa Fe in 1984 using a dead child's identity and who disappeared 6 months later, be the woman shot to death in 1991 in El Dorado, Arkansas? The woman known to those in the sleuthing community as 'El Dorado Jane Doe' (EDJD)? I posted the possibility on Websleuths and to a Facebook group dedicated to identifying EDJD.

That Minnesota reference caught my eye as EDJD (known to her friends as Mercedes) used the stolen identity of a Cheryl Wick, who when located by authorities, said that her identity had been stolen while working as a dancer in Minneapolis. 
Friends of Tamara Britton said that she referenced having a sister in Texas, and EDJD's earliest confirmed location was Dallas. 

Tamara, whose age was given as 24,  went missing a week before her friend Teal Pittington did. Teal's strangled body was found nine months later. Both women had lived at one time with a Marion Owen Jent. Perhaps Jent could take a look at the pictures of EDJD and weigh in on whether she could be his old friend 'Tamara Britton.' I imagine this is him, not a common name.

And if  Jent is uncommunicative, perhaps Lt. Gilbert Ulibarri and the Pittington family might be asked if they know if any photos exist of 'Tamara.'
 Hopefully Tamara's employment application still exists along with the note found in Tamara's car (see below), so the handwriting on it can be compared to the many handwriting samples that EDJD left behind. Probably too many hands have touched it to retrieve useful fingerprints.
Tamara had recently bought a lot of clothes, perhaps she intended to vanish. Then again, she didn't pick up her last paycheck, perhaps her disappearance was not of her own doing. Was Pittington killed because she knew what happened to Tamara? Or was she the victim of a possible serial killer, never caught, who was responsible for the murders of a number of young women in the Santa Fe area in the 1980s?

People who knew Tamara in Santa Fe contacted authorities to say they didn't believe she had recently been pregnant. Whatever the case, the baby found in the trash was never claimed by relatives.
  I need to check to see if Baby S was entered into NamUs. It's beautiful to read of how people came together to honor this baby.

Tamara Britton was using the identity of a baby who died in Douglas County, Wisconsin years before: Tamara Lyn Britton. 

And she apparently told Santa Fe resident Scott Brunello that she was from Wisconsin. However, over the years, leads to her identity fizzled out. Her name (or alias, rather) surfaces occasionally in news stories when bones are found or the marvels of DNA are touted, such as in this 2016 article. Let's get her identified.

I wonder if Tamara could be one of these missing Texas women: Tamera McCurry, Jeannette Drzewiecki or Ruth Severance? or missing Florida woman Tammy Leppert?
Or this woman?

Another fugitive we are currently researching is Roxanne (Brock) Malin. 


And we are looking at a woman who vanished after a car accident in Hawaii in 1972 - Judy Kenolio. Authorities seemed to have believed that she survived the car crash. We need to get her listed in NamUs.

Glad to see that Michelle Ann Jakaitis finally made it into NamUs.  Very little available information on her and no picture or DNA. Maine State Police website listing for her. Reader Susan Connolly sent the link to this listing of her on a memorial for homicide victims in Massachusetts. However, the memorial provides a date of death for her that is a year later to the day than the government sites report is her missing date. Peculiar.

Tanya Williams missing out of Mount Hermon, Texas in June of 1983. Born September 29, 1981. 

I contacted Tanya's family and made inquiries into the status of the investigation into her disappearance. Her case file has disappeared over the years but I heard an astonishing back story on this case so went to Texas in April 2018 for Missing in North Texas Day. Tanya's aunt and I got her registered with NamUs at that event and hope to get her entered in to NCMEC soon. She is now listed with the Charley Project. 

What we heard from a retired investigator on Tanya's case makes us wonder about the 1983 Texas case involving another little curly-haired girl, Desiree Carroll. Or this story-
looking for aunt blinda simmons was adopted or died  

judy adkison 

Posted: 11 Jun 2001

i am in need of finding this lady named belinda kay or belinda kimberly simmons the years i have been give for the last time the family seen her was between 1964-1966 the child was left with the mothers family do to a move to houston and the family members bud and hellen terry told every one that the child was taken to the hospital where she later died and then they said the welfare took her and with this the family never was told if she was dead or alive she had a bad leg i know that to be a fact she was born that way i belive well need less to say the faimly could not get info back then do to a lack of money they wear poor farmers.her mothers name at the time was effie lee terry simmons and the fathers name was david columbus simmons some say the child was sold to a family that knew the aunt.

Christie Davis, (Christi Davis?) (Christy Davis) a 2 year old missing out of Ocala FL in 1973, is not in NamUs or NCMEC. I contacted the Ocala PD and the Marion County Sheriff's Office on May 1, 2018 to learn more but their computer systems only go back to 82/83. Sgt. Mike Mongeluzzo says he'll follow up on it. UPDATE: May 2. Kudos to Sgt. Mongeluzzo for his quick response at initiating a NamUs case for Christi. Encouraging!

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