Doris A Tetreault

Doris is listed on NamUs but that seems to be the only source of information about her disappearance. If anyone knows who Doris was married to, her maiden name, or whether she had children, can you post it in the comments? Was she the Doris married to Leo P Tetreault? Per NamUs she was last seen on June 1, 1978 and this Doris signed off on some property in Blackstone MA on June 8, 1978 but then I got looking at her 1978 signature compared to her 1971 signature ... Hmmm.

So is Leo P the Leo Paul Tetreault kicking it back in FL these days? Apparently there were a few of them in Worcester County MA in 1993.

We'd like to know if this is the right Doris Tetreault so we can learn more about the circumstances under which she went missing. Because whoever listed her on NamUs seemed to know little about her, including how old she was.

When someone has a car stolen, a very thorough description is broadcast- make, model, year, etc. When a person goes missing and they show up in NamUs with a vague description (34 to 38 year old white female), it is disturbing to say the least. How is it that no one is able to provide a DOB for this woman and some info around the circumstances of her disappearance? Keeping these details "secret" is not conducive to accessing the collective knowledge of the public.

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