Bear Brook Gardens Maps 1977 through 1985

   If you see errors on this page or notice names that should be here but aren't, can you email Ronda and Scott at

The folks at Eastern Topographics in Wolfeboro NH have generously donated their time to enhance and make available some 1988 aerial photography for us. This has made it much easier for us to determine what lots people are talking about when they describe to us on the phone or on Facebook where they lived and who lived next to them. We couldn't fit all the lot #s on this map of the whole park but the maps below have all of the #s.

We will be using the original Lot #s from the Park: 1-115 and starting where the lots are labeled on the map above (Hillside Drive). The 3 dots after a name (i.e. the Lagor family) show that the same people lived at that lot during the years we are looking at.
Please let us know if we have a lot or name wrong. There are several places we have some confusion about. You can post anonymously on this page to let us know needed changes. 

1. Lagor...
2. Tillson, Gregg, Rae
3. Higgins, Nardone, Boucher
4. [Office] Belletete, Loucks

5. Lindh, Lovering, Gourlay
6. Smith, Simoneau
59. Smith, Gilman
60. Duchesneau, McDonald
61. Sweeney, Nedeau
62. Cruikshank, Lindh, Saucier
63. Boyce, Harris, Belletete
64. Belletete
65. Morris, Ferren
  MAP C:
7. Jodoin ...
8. Moulton, Ellis, Champagne
9. Eccleston, Perkins, Johnson, Bartlett
10. Fogg ...
57. Gabert, Marpes, Denston
58. Blanchette

11. O'Brien, Hudson, Alaimo                 12. Higgins, Hull, Gray, Teichman
13. Bovio, Weeks, McDonald                14. Bailey, Foster, Heath, Bont
15. King, Callahan                                 53. Chandler, Kelley
54. Douillette, Stofanak, Dittrich            55. Kingsbury, White, Morse

47. Haggerty, Santoro, Bull                                                       50.  Scott ...
51. Labuda ...                                                                           52. Lemieux ...
56. Allen ...                                                                               78. Luchern*                                                79. Rojek, Wilson                                                                      80. Fredette, Loucks, Myers
81. Paul ...

*per the deeds, Therrien bought trailer in 1984 from Furrow and Grimard, however Luchern is the only name to show up in the city directories at this address


66. Desrochers, Soule
67. Holt                                                                             68. Delahanty, Soule
69. Shea ...                                                                      70. Turcotte
71. Hammond ...                                                               72. Taylor, Hathaway, Perrier
73. Barton, Remillard                                                       74. Pepin, Kelly
75. Vien, Fowler                                                               76.  Hanna, Brideau, Cunningham
77. Champagne ...                                                           82. Knight, Murray, Magoolaghan
83. Gourley*, Belletete, Loucks 
*Although there is a Gourlay in the park, at this address is a man with a different first name and an "e" in the last name instead of an "a."
Also, Soule shows up at 66 and 68. Possible error. 

85. Cananzey, Boynton, Hoyle
86. Creeden, Smith, Hebert
87. Stimpson ...                                                                                                                                                88. Thibeault, Dias, O'Connell, Payne
89. McGibbon, Drew, Bell                                                                                                                              90. Woods, Reed, Petersheim, L'Esperance, Gaumont, Daskey
91. Locke, Bargmann                                                                                 92. Hanna, Hannemann, Olivier
93. Lawler, Fuller, Glines                                                                                                                                  100. Ashton                                                                                                                                                     101. Perkins, Zutz, Belanger                                                                                                                      102. Hanson, Martin, Southwick
103. Parker ... 
104. Cox, Birdsey, Williams, Hebert 
16. Rossignol, King, Carlson                                                                                                                        17. Case
18. Steffen...                                                                                                                                                     19. Welch
20. Gagnon, McNeil,Mills
21. Bond, Mandigo, Boulanger, Champagne, Newell, Blake                                                                          35. Shields ...
42. Meuer, Clark                                                                                                                                           43. Ray, Proulx, Korpi, Sepessy 
44. Allen, Chalifoux, Fredette, Packer                                                                                                           45. Scott, Sebastian, Beaulieu, Martin, Biron, Chagnon, Sherman                                                              46. Tynan, Lavallee
48. Lafleur, Jesmer                                                                                                                                         49. Whisenhunt, Arnold, Pratt

33. Victor, Miles, Staples, Hardy
37. Melanson, Beaulieu, Graham, Derby, Relette (?), Pickering
41. Johnson ...
84. Douillette ...
94. Hanson, Oliver, Wentworth, Dickinson, Wallace, Haffey
95. Brissette, Boulet
96. Silvia, Spangler
97. Hamel ...
98. Hanright

32. Boyce, Gagne
34. Bennett, Edson
103. Parker...
106. St. Laurent, Bergeron, Rollins
107. Fay, Roberts, Beaulieu
108. Ruben, Roberts, Cote, Hanley, Labarre
109. Breault, Proctor
110. Hanneman
111. Martel, Farnsworth
112. Sayles
113. Birnie, Deyette
115. Isaia, St. Louis, Dohse

22. Filella, Bray, Croteau
23. Triacca, Silva
24. Crutchley, Tolken, Sharp
25. Beaudoin, Webster
26. Smith, Saucier, Vining
27. Moore ...
28. Morgan ...
31. Victor
36. Boisseau, Griffin
38. Gallant

Where did these people live in BBG???

Ball, Bruno, Burnham, Carter, Christine (68?), Cole, Comtois, Delosh, Delottinville, Desrochers, Gagnon, Greenwood, Hitchcock, Jenness, Joyce, Kiriakoutsos, Koutrouba, McCluskey, Lepine,  Pellerin, Perkins, Pope, Rogers, Rutledge, Simmons, Stanley, Stremlau, Turner, Wood.

We are also going to be adding names to the lots in Bear Brook Gardens #2. Can you help us place numbers and names here?
 Some of the names we know were in BBG2: Calnan, Northrup, Allen Despres, Bergeron, Elwell, Paquette, Parrotto, Morgan, Sawyer. Where did they live? Who are we missing?

Guessing this map was early 1980s (WE drew in the 5 lots on Stony Brook as those homes were already gone)






  1. OK, we were able to get an older map on here that shows the roads that were removed. That's been a big help! Until we saw this map last week-end, we'd never even heard there was a Myrtle Ave in Bear Brook Gardens.

  2. where was the store? Locate the store using section #3.

  3. I think the best way to show the proximity of the store to BBG is by looking at the aerial map. Newspaper accounts say that the first barrel was found behind 22 Edgewood (red flag on map). Not sure how far behind it. You can see the remnants of the sand pit at the bottom of Edgewood Dr to the right. You can see the trail winding up from the sandpit to the driveway of what was once Bear Brook Store (just to the left of the green lettering of the word "South." And across Deerfield Rd from that driveway is the little trailer park referred to as Bear Brook Gardens #2.

  4. This old map is helpful. As far as Stonybrook I remember the majority of those lots being vacant land. We would sometimes access the brook via that route. Similarly, 99 Pinecrest has never existed. I'm not sure what the round marker would even represent. - Belinda

  5. I wish there were more pictures of the area... I've been trying to write down everything I remember about the Host Home I was at... The landmarks I remember to get to the house in the woods...