Cynthia Louise Putnam

Several years ago, while searching through online forums for people looking for missing relatives, we came across this query posted in 2009: 

Hi. I am looking for my aunt Cynthia Louise Putnam who has been missing, to our family, since about 1974. She may be going by a different name but... she was born on March 17, 1957... she was last heard from when she was attending the Weeks School in Vergennes, VT, and she is greatly missed by her family... The picture below was taken when cindy was 14. I hope it rings some bells.

Wondering if Cynthia could possibly be the woman in Allenstown, we reached out to authorities and to her family. We put them in contact with NAMUS so that she could be listed as missing in that database. Not long afterward, I (Ronda) was searching through indexes of the deceased and found these entries: 

It was obvious that little was known about the background of this girl with the same full name as the girl who disappeared from Vermont. I then searched through the Greensboro NC newspapers for mention of this death and located the following articles:

So... the NC authorities had this girl's full name and knew she was born in Massachusetts. ONE phone call to Vital Records would have given them her DOB and parents' names. When they realized that she died just two days past her 17th birthday (if this is indeed the Cynthia from VT) and was living with a 28 year old boyfriend (Stephen Schnair), one would think that the police in NC would have made a couple more phone calls to find her parents. No, they assumed she "had no relatives" and buried her. And for 42 YEARS her family has wondered what happened to her. IF this is indeed the Cynthia from VT, then it certainly paints the Greensboro NC authorities in a very bad light. Shame on them.

I notified Cynthia's family in VT at the beginning of August about this development as I knew that their Cynthia was also born in MA. Hopefully the authorities and NAMUS will find a way to confirm (or rule-out) the NC Cynthia as being the VT Cynthia for the sake of the Putnam family.


  1. I'm no longer seeing Cynthia's profile in namus, but I could be missing it. If it's gone, there's a good chance thatthe confirmed the girl you found as being the same person. :(

    1. Was her profile public? I've been too busy to see if it was.

  2. No, she had no profile on any of the sites. I contacted the family after finding a post from a niece looking for her. And Jessica V, thank you for bringing the Wurst case to my attention after noticing it in the FL database. I contacted Mr. Christopher Wurst and several of Doris's relatives and provided them with NAMUS contact info to get Doris and Caren listed. Chris and his son have now provided DNA. I also contacted the FL authorities and gave them the families contact information as they stated that the case had been reviewed over the past three years but without updated family contacts, it had not gone anywhere.