Other NH Criminal Matters

 NH Fish & Game has a web page entitled 'Protecting Poultry from Predators.' Good resource. The more that is known about predators and their behavior, the safer an environment becomes, whether that environment is a henhouse or a neighborhood. See below for some of the human predators who have/had ties to NH.

NH Predators*

John Brewer 
Joel Bill Caulk
James John Dale 
William DeCato 
John Rose and Susan Dessert
James Moulton and Anne Durand
Richard Gardner 
Carl LeChel 
Edward Mayrand 
Paul Moses 
Harold Naparst 
Brian Schultz
Richard Steeves 
Raymond Trimmer Sr and Jr 

* For the purposes of this research, the word ‘predator’ refers to someone who exploits or victimizes others through physical, emotional, sexual, religious, or financial means. Some of these individuals grew up in New Hampshire and others just passed through. Some of them still live in the area, some have gone on to meet their Maker, and others are 'whereabouts unknown.'  

NH Missing 
Connecticut River Valley Killer possibilities?
Valentine Underwood 
Robert Durst
John Rose and Susan Desert  
The suspect in the Moynihan killings
Could this case be the work of the CRVK?
Gary Westover's confession re. Barbara Agnew's death

Did they ever catch this 1973 abductor/rapist?

Things we considered:


  1. Bob Evans, could he possibly be robert Ulos jensen born in wy, and moved to Phoenix graduated North High school?

    1. Saw the Bob Jensen in the North year book but if he is really from WY and has that middle name, interesting!