Valentine Underwood

Q regarding Underwood:

1) How long was he in New England? Is there a timeline of his travels?

2) Could he have abducted and killed Pamela Webb in 1989? What was Pamela's manner of death? 

3) Per Murderpedia "The remains of at least six other young women had been dumped beside back roads along Interstate 91 in a stretch that straddled Vermont and New Hampshire. A killer had slit throats and stabbed victims repeatedly in the lower abdomen." Sounds so similar to Underwood's manner of killing. And what's that all about- stabbing women in the lower abdomen? Sounds like a hatred of the womb. 


Rapist Sought By N.H. Police Springfield Union [Springfield, MA] May 22, 1988 

Hampton, N.H. (AP) - A search was underway yesterday for a man who kidnapped a woman in Massachusetts, raped and stabbed her, then left her by a roadside in New Hampshire, police said. The 24-year-old Lowell woman was kidnapped in Andover, Mass., early Friday morning after leaving her boyfriend's house, police said. A passerby found her at about 4 a.m. Friday on Route 51 in Hampton. She had been sexually assaulted and suffered a knife wound in the attack, Hampton and Andover police said. Police were looking for a black man driving a bright red pickup truck with lettering on the side in connection with the incident.


Man accused in cold case faces additional charges James A Kimble Union Leader [Manchester NH] 25 May 2011


Hampton police and the Rockingham County Attorney's Office have released a 1988 mugshot of Valentine Underwood.

BRENTWOOD -- A California prison inmate who returned to New England last week to face charges for a 23-year-old kidnapping and rape case has been indicted for attempted murder and other charges by a Rockingham County grand jury.

The secret indictments against Valentine Underwood, 49, of Tehachapi, Calif., became public Tuesday afternoon at a news conference held by the Rockingham County Attorney's Office.

Underwood was brought to Massachusetts late last week by U.S. Marshals to face the first leg of charges related to the May 20, 1988, kidnapping and stabbing of a woman he abducted at knifepoint from Andover, Mass.

Massachusetts authorities say a DNA sample gave investigators a key break in the case in 2009.

Underwood has been serving two life sentences in California for the 1991 rape and murders of two young women, Amanda Scott and Rosalie Ortega. The killings happened in the community of Twentynine Palms, Calif., where Underwood was stationed as a Marine who recently returned from the Gulf War.

Underwood was working construction jobs in the New England area when he allegedly abducted the 24-year-old woman in the latest case, prosecutors said. Investigators say the woman was driving home to Lowell, Mass., when her car was forced off the road on River Road in Andover, Mass.

Underwood allegedly punched the woman in the face and forced her at knifepoint into his truck.
For hours, the woman was repeatedly beaten and sexually assaulted by Underwood, according to prosecutors. Underwood eventually pulled over just past the Hampton tollbooth where he stabbed the victim so deeply, he perforated her liver, breaking the blade to the knife. Investigators say the broken blade kept Underwood from allegedly slitting the woman's throat.

The woman was left for dead in a watery ditch on the side of Interstate 95, but she made her way back to the road, where she was found by a passerby who brought her to Exeter hospital.

The victim, now 47, was surprised when investigators from the Bay State and New Hampshire came forward with the news that they are ready to make an arrest in the case, investigators said. The woman has been diligent in helping move the case towards an arrest, Hampton police Chief James Sullivan said.

While Underwood remains in custody, Hampton police and the county's top prosecutor said their work isn't over. 

Rockingham County Attorney James Reams released a 1988 booking photo of Underwood on Tuesday. "If there's any member of the public who saw Mr. Underwood in 1988 we'd like to hear from them," Reams said.

Reams said Massachusetts has roughly a few months to begin trial proceedings in their case, and his office has begun the process to bring Underwood to New Hampshire to face charges here. Underwood is due back in a Salem, Mass., courtroom June 17. 


DA: Rape victim 'courageously testified' Jill Harmacinski  The Eagle Tribune    May 20, 2014

SALEM, Mass. — At 3:30 p.m. on May 20, 1988, the 24-year-old nurse had just started her shift at a local hospital. She had no idea in just a matter of hours she’d be kidnapped, beaten, repeatedly raped and left for dead on a highway shoulder.

But yesterday afternoon at 3:30 p.m., just a day short of the 26th anniversary of that horrific crime, the now 50-year-old survivor watched as her attacker - an already twice convicted murderer named Valentine Underwood - was found guilty of her kidnapping and aggravated rape in 1988.

“Valentine Underwood, you tried to kill me in many ways ... But you didn’t and you are being held accountable,” the petite blonde victim said, looking right at Underwood before he was sentenced yesterday.

A jury yesterday found Underwood, 52, guilty of quarter-century-old crimes he was only recently linked to through a national DNA database.

Serving double life sentences in California, Underwood has been in Essex County for the past three years awaiting trial in the Andover kidnap and rape cold case.

Jurors yesterday convicted Underwood, a 6 foot, 7 inch former U.S. Marine basketball star, of forcing the woman’s car off River Road in Andover in 1988. He threw the woman, who stands 5 foot, 2 inches, into the orangey-red pickup he was driving and then drove her to various locations in Essex County where he raped her.

Just past the toll booths on Interstate 95 in Hampton, Underwood stabbed the woman deeply in her abdomen. He tried to cut the woman’s throat, but she struggled with him, holding the blade off her neck. The blade broke from the knife handle and the victim testified she threw it as far as she could.

Underwood then beat her and left her to die. But the woman managed to flag down a passerby. The Good Samaritan brought her to Exeter Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery and spent three weeks in the hospital.

The woman continued her nursing career, married, had three children and later divorced. In 2009, Andover police retrieved the woman’s rape evidence kit from the Hampton Police Department and had samples tested for DNA. Soon after, they learned Underwood’s DNA was a match.

Judge Howard Whitehead yesterday sentenced Underwood to 30 to 40 years in state prison on the aggravated rape charge and 9 to 10 years on the kidnap conviction. The sentences are somewhat symbolic as Underwood must complete the California life sentences before the Massachusetts penalties.

Before handing down the sentences, Whitehead commended the victim, a key trial witness, for her “never give up attitude” that saved her life when she was attacked. He noted what happened to her in 1988 is “every woman’s nightmare.”

The Eagle-Tribune does not identify victims of sexual assault.

Prosecutor Kate MacDougall also praised the victim’s bravery and tenacity. “Really, DNA or no DNA, we couldn’t do this without (the woman,” she said.

District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett echoed similar sentiments.

“This woman courageously fought for her life 26 years ago and she just as courageously testified in this trial. I hope that this verdict and sentence provides her with the justice that was so long delayed,” said Blodgett, in a statement released after the verdict.

Other trial witnesses included Dr. Gary Lamphere, the Exeter Hospital emergency room doctor who treated her, police officers, detectives and DNA experts. Underwood represented himself at trial, with attorney Joseph Collins serving as his standby defense counsel.

Courtroom security was extremely tight during the trial. At least a dozen court officers, corrections officers and plain clothes detectives were in the courtroom with Underwood at all times due to his history of violence. While his hands were free, Underwood’s legs were shackled at all times.

Jurors could not see the shackles on his legs, however, and they were never told of his double life sentences for murder in California.

Throughout the trial, Underwood maintained he was not guilty of the crime. His sentencing was no different.

“I didn’t do this. But the people spoke,” said Underwood, who shortly afterwards said he’d be filing an appeal.

The most emotional trial moment occurred yesterday after sentencing was over and the courtroom started to clear. The petite victim hugged MacDougall, thanking her for all she’d done. Both had tears in their eyes.

“This brought some closure to one part of my life,” the victim said.

Whitehead referred to a violent incident Underwood was involved in at Middleton Jail, which resulted in him being transferred to MCI Cedar Junction, a maximum security state prison, prior to trial. During the altercation, Underwood strapped a mattress to his back and broken glass was found on his cell floor. There was also reports he armed himself with broken pieces of mirror he taped to his hands.  (Per Jill Harmacinski, The Eagle Tribune [Lawrence, MA] May 13, 2014)


Underwood was working construction jobs in the New England area when he allegedly abducted the 24-year-old woman in the latest case, prosecutors said. Investigators say the woman was driving home to Lowell, Mass., when her car was forced off the road on River Road in Andover, Mass.  (Per James Kimble, The Eagle Tribune, [Lawrence, MA] May 25, 2011)

He has a history of escape attempts and is affiliated with the New Black Panthers, a black political and supremacy group, and the Black Prisoners Association in California, according to law enforcement and corrections sources. (Jill Harmacinski,The Eagle Tribune [Lawrence, MA]
                                          July 18, 2011)


The man has his own website from prison. Let's hope he keeps writing and writing. Perhaps his words will give FBI profilers insight into the thinking of a serial killer. One who represents himself in court and believes he is smarter than anyone.


Hope the whole country takes a look at the photos of Underwood on his website. Does he have more victims out there?


This one he didn't kill.


This article includes details of one of Underwood's slayings. Does it fit other cold case homicides?

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  1. And just noticed that the MA victim was a nurse. Weren't some of the victims of the 'CRV Killer' nurses or wearing white uniforms when killed? Maybe just an urban legend that I heard somewhere...