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Carrie Moss: Summer of 1989

(If you had commented on any of the pages of the original site (Justice for Carrie Moss), please know that we have saved and responded to the comments and tips from that site) In July of 2022 it will be thirty-three years since Carrie rode away from her home in New Boston on her bike and disappeared. Two years later (1991), her body was found in the woods in her hometown. We hope that advances in forensic science (such as investigative genetic genealogy) or new information from someone willing to help her family will provide answers about what happened to her.    NH State Police  Facebook Page  for Carrie   If you look Carrie up on the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit's  Victim List , you will find her tucked between Eva Morse and Maura Murray where her status is listed as "unsolved homicide." It seems hard to believe that the murder of a child in a small, rural town like New Boston still remains unsolved more than three decades after her disappearance. There ar

Mystery in Allenstown, NH (aka the Bear Brook Cold Case)

We began this blog years ago to tell the story of a baffling New Hampshire mystery in the hopes of identifying four homicide victims found in barrels in Allenstown, NH. Over time, and in the most peculiar of ways, the story has unraveled bit by bit until we now have answers to many of our biggest questions. However, some pages of this story remain hidden in the shadows. It is our hope that the piercing light cast by genetic genealogists and tenacious investigators will reveal more in the coming months.  More  media  on this case For most people in New Hampshire, the story began in the fall of 1985 in the little town of Allenstown, population 4000ish and best known for being home to Bear Brook State Park.  It was there, on the outskirts of the park, that brothers out hunting discovered the remains of a woman and a girl wrapped in plastic near a 55 gallon barrel. The bodies were found on private property where a small camp sto