Released by:  Joseph A. Foster, New Hampshire Attorney General  

Subject: Information regarding Denise Beaudin missing person case, the 1985/2000 Allenstown, New Hampshire homicide case, and a California murder case.
Date:   Thursday, January 26, 2017
Release Time: Immediate
Contact:  Jeffery A. Strelzin, Senior Assistant Attorney General    Chief, Homicide Unit Via email: Office: (603) 271-3671                   

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster, Manchester Police Chief Enoch F. Willard, and New Hampshire State Police Colonel Christopher J. Wagner are providing the following summary of information gathered regarding Denise Beaudin, who went missing from Manchester, New Hampshire in the fall of 1981, and the links between her case, the four unidentified homicide victims (one adult female and three children) found in Allenstown, New Hampshire in 1985 and 2000, and a California murder case.     


On December 28, 2016, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office released information on a missing person case out of Manchester from 1981.  Twenty three year old DENISE BEAUDIN was last seen in November 1981 with her 6 month old daughter Dawn Beaudin and older boyfriend, ROBERT “BOB” EVANS.  The couple was last seen by Beaudin’s family on Thanksgiving at her family home in Goffstown, New Hampshire.   Denise and Bob did not mention any plans to leave the area at that time.  

A week later the family went to visit the couple at their home on Hayward Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.  However, no one was there.  The couple was having financial difficulties so the family assumed they left the area to avoid those issues.  Denise was never heard from again.

DENISE’S disappearance came to the attention of New Hampshire authorities earlier this year by way of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office in California.  The Sheriff’s Office had just resolved one of their cold cases from 1986.  An unidentified little girl had been abandoned in a neighboring county and remained unidentified for three decades.
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office worked closely with a genetic genealogist to help identify the little girl’s birth family through DNA testing at several of the popular genomics websites.  That led them to the Beaudin family in New Hampshire and with DNA testing, they confirmed the little girl was DENISE BEAUDIN’S daughter.

DENISE’S daughter, who was known as Lisa JENSON in California, was abandoned in California during the summer of 1986 by a man named GORDON JENSON.  Jenson (who we know now is Bob Evans), falsely claimed to be her father.  Jenson left her with a family that lived in San Bernardino County.  At the time, Jenson and the girl he claimed was his daughter had been living at the Holiday Host RV Park in Santa Cruz County where he was employed as an electrician and handyman.  Authorities believed the situation was suspicious and had doubts that Jenson was the child’s biological father.  However, Jenson left the area and was unable to be questioned further.  

Authorities later obtained Jenson’s fingerprints from the trailer where he lived with the little girl and ran them through the FBI’s fingerprint database.  The prints of GORDON JENSON (aka Bob Evans), matched fingerprints on file for a man named CURTIS KIMBALL.   

KIMBALL had been arrested in Cypress, California in 1985 for DUI, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, and hit and run of property.  “Lisa” was present with KIMBALL during this incident. Fingerprint comparison confirmed that KIMBALL and JENSON were the same man; the man we know as Bob Evans.

An arrest warrant was issued for KIMBALL for charges involving the abandonment of “Lisa.”  Authorities have obtained booking photographs of KIMBALL/JENSON from the 1985 arrest, and have confirmed with Beaudin’s family that he is the man they knew as BOB EVANS while he was in New Hampshire.

Based on the investigation, the evidence is clear that BOB EVANS, GORDON JENSON and CURTIS KIMBALL are the same man.  Therefore, for the purposes of this summary, he will be referred to hereafter as BOB EVANS. 

BOB EVANS left New Hampshire in late 1981 with DENISE BEAUDIN’S daughter, whom he raised for approximately 5 years until 1986 when he abandoned her in California.  There has been no confirmed sighting of DENISE since her family saw her in late 1981.

After abandoning Lisa, BOB EVANS remained on the run until November of 1988, when he was arrested in San Luis Obispo for driving a stolen vehicle.  The vehicle had been stolen from Franklin County, Idaho.  The victims of the vehicle theft knew EVANS personally and he was using the name Gerald MOCKERMAN.  

After his arrest in San Luis Obispo, EVANS was ultimately arrested by Santa Cruz County on the outstanding warrant related to “Lisa.”  EVANS was ultimately released on parole in October of 1990.  He absconded almost immediately and was on the run as a parole fugitive for the next 12 years. 

California authorities caught up with EVANS in 2002, when he was arrested for the homicide of his girlfriend, Eunsoon Jun.  EVANS had assimilated himself into the Korean community near Richmond, California and was living under the name LAWRENCE VANNER.   

In 2001, EVANS unofficially married Eunsoon Jun, and the two lived together at her home in Richmond, California.  Jun was last seen in June of 2002 and was reported missing by friends in September of 2002.  The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Dept. initiated an investigation into her disappearance and questioned EVANS.  EVANS was fingerprinted and it was determined that he was the subject of the active parole warrant under the name CURTIS KIMBALL.  

During a search in the home where EVANS was living and had lived with Jun, her body was discovered buried under a large amount of cat litter in the basement.  Her body showed signs of attempted dismemberment.  The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. 

Authorities later secured a DNA sample from EVANS and compared it to a DNA sample secured from DENISE’S daughter “Lisa.”  Testing confirmed EVANS was not her biological father.  EVANS refused to disclose where he had taken “Lisa” from.  EVANS was sentenced to 15 years to life in California prison for killing Jun.  He died in prison of natural causes on December 28, 2010. 

Based on Evan’s history and the length of her disappearance, it is likely that EVANS killed Denise Beaudin and disposed of her body.    

Based on the timeframe DENISE disappeared in 1981, the New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit explored the possibility that her disappearance could be connected to the four victims recovered in Allenstown, New Hampshire, near Bear Brook State Park.  

In 1985 the bodies of two females were found inside a 55 gallon barrel located on private property next to Bear Brook State Park.  One female was a young adult in her twenties.  The other female was a child between 8 to 11 years old.  In 2000, a New Hampshire State Trooper went back out to the area and discovered two more child victims in a second barrel on the same property.  These two females were younger.  One was 2 to 4 years old and the other was 1 to 3 years old.  DNA testing has confirmed that three of the victims (adult, older child and youngest child), are maternally related.  The middle child does not appear to be related to the others.

Chemical isotope testing has also suggested that the middle child was not born and raised with the other victims, but joined them months before their deaths in the New Hampshire region.  All four victims were estimated to have been killed during the 1970s and early 80s.  The adult female had been dismembered.  The oldest child had her lower legs severed.  All of the victims were packaged in plastic bags and other materials before being placed in the barrels. 

This year, DNA from DENISE’S family was collected and compared to the four Allenstown victims.  There was no match.  DENISE is not the adult female victim and is not biologically related to the three little girls found in Allenstown.  

DNA was collected that had been taken from BOB EVANS (aka VANNER, JENSON, and KIMBALL) in 2002.  The DNA analysis confirmed that Bob Evans fathered the middle Allenstown child-victim, the 2-4 year old.  This little girl is the one that is not maternally related to the other three victims.  

The DNA did not show any biological relationship between EVANS and the other two children. Based on the limited DNA available for the adult female victim, it is unknown if EVANS could be related to her or not. 

Based on Evan’s history and other facts, it is likely that EVANS killed the four Allenstown victims.  Authorities also have concerns for the welfare of the mother of the middle child-victim; Bob Evan’s child.  Her identity and whereabouts are unknown.     

The investigation into Bob Evans’s background has revealed the following.  It appears that in the late 1970s into the early 1980s, he lived at 925 Hayward Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.  It appears he lived there before DENISE moved in with him, possibly as far back as 1977.  There are records suggesting another woman by the name of ELIZABETH lived with him too; however she has not been identified or located.   

EVANS worked at Waumbec Mills in Manchester as an electrician.  While there, he was tasked to help close down and clean up the mill under a supervisor.  This supervisor owned (and still owns) the property in Allenstown where the four Allenstown murder victims were found.  EVANS was working at Waumbec prior to this supervisor working there.  It appears the two worked together at the mill from approximately 1978 to 1980.  This supervisor hired EVANS separately to do electrical work at the camp store that was also maintained on that same property which allowed EVANS familiarity to the specific area.  At the time, EVANS was known to dump material from the mill on the supervisor’s property.  While it is not currently possible to confirm that the barrels associated with four Allenstown victims came from Waumbec, the investigation has confirmed that barrels were brought from the mill to the property in Allenstown. 

In summary, EVANS was in the Manchester/Allenstown area at the time the four Allenstown victims are believed to have been killed or their bodies were deposited.  It is also clear that EVANS was familiar with the property where their bodies were found.  EVANS is also connected to the Allenstown victims since he is the father of the middle-child victim. 

Based on all the information gathered to date, ROBERT “BOB” EVANS is the primary suspect in the Allenstown murder investigation.  

Because BOB EVANS used multiple aliases over the years, his true identity is unknown.  To date, all public record searches, city records, and vital statistics searches for ROBERT “BOB” EVANS have turned up no further leads into who he is, where he came from and who his daughter is.  Some of the aliases he used were real people whose identity he stole.  Given what is known about EVANS, it is possible that ROBERT EVANS is not his true identity.  Therefore, we are seeking any and all information regarding the man known as ROBERT EVANS.   

EVANS can be placed in California and Idaho after he left New Hampshire in 1981.  It also appears likely that he spent time in other states, specifically Texas and Georgia.  It is possible he also spent time in Arizona, Oregon, Wyoming, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Colorado.


Authorities continue to develop information about DENISE BEAUDIN and encourage anyone with information about her to contact authorities.

Authorities are also concerned for the wellbeing of the woman who is the mother to EVANS’ child found dead in Allenstown.  We do not know her identity, location or if she is alive and well.  

Last, authorities are still seeking the public’s help to identify the four victims in Allenstown, New Hampshire.  They have remained unidentified for over three decades.

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  1. Just wanted to take a second and thank you for your work on this. Having grown up in a similar community I appreciate how difficult it must be to sort through all of the residents and their memories of things long past. I hope the new information leads to the identity of the victims.