Queries for the missing

Queries from people looking for lost relatives. Could one of these posters be looking for our Allenstown family?

Posted on 28/Dec/1998: I am looking for a military friend of my now desceased father...David Banks...of New Hampshire...He has a brother named Andy...children named...Tanya, Jessie, and Lydia, a wife or previous of Kathy...(Posted by Jeannie Connell, LLF) 

Posted on 15/Sep/2002: Searching for my daughter. Im her biological father, my name is George. Her biological mother is Gayle Miller...now I believe her married name is Pike. Daughters name is Jessica. She was born in New Hampshire. Last that I knew Gayle gave her to a coupl of the name Nancy and Joseph Durocher in New Hampshire. I do not want to disrupt her life....just want to see her....and let her know that I love her, and has always loved her, and always thinking about her. (Posted by George Freeman, LLF)

Posted 06/May/2007: Hello My name is Mailan Santiago I live in houston Tx. I am searching form my husband long lost sister. Her name is or was Iris Santiago born feb. 4 1965 in manhatten NY. bellview hospital. My husbands name is Wilfredo Santiago. If anyone has any information on her please go to my myspace page there you can find pictures of him and her. myspace.com/sxcandy (posted LLF)

Posted Dec 15, 2009: Looking for family, Sikeston, MO. Looking for Shanna Lynn and Linda Jo (Hayes). I am looking for my sister and niece that may be from or near the Abilene, TX area. Haven't seen them in many years, Linda Jo is around 46 and Shanna maybe around 26. Any input is greatly appreciated! (reply on Topix site)

  Posted 2010:   last heard from sandra 1981 south carolina
my sisters name is sandra marie hazlehurst, lebowitz, benson,compton. she was born in phoenix arizona jan. 23 1955 to james and evelyn hazlehurst, adopted to the lebowits at the age of 5 and married bobbie benson at 16 yr old, divorced and remarried to compton dates not known. i talked to her last in october of 1980. dad got a christmas card each year until 1981 and it just stopped. her son has been trying to find her and has had no luck. he was adopted to a family when he was a baby. when i last spoke to her she was working at the fountain hills apartments in fountain hill south carolina. she is 5ft 7 in blonde hair green eyes. years before she had been known to be in the drug world. her first husband was in prison for that reason but turned his life around and never been able to find her either. her adopted family are all deceased and have been for awhile, but they said they had not heard from her either. my dad is now 80 and not well it would be so wonderful if he could know what happened to her. we would all like some peace but we don't know how to search to see idf she is alive or in prison or deceased. can some one help?   thanks bjb (register at Porchlight International to respond).

Posted 24 Nov 2003 by francesotero: iso of my sister justine former last name is otero in new hampshire  we share the same father rey otero and I have not seen justine since she was about 1 yr old this was back in 1981-82.    your mothers name is jackie and last i heard she remarried and moved to nh. i would really love if anyone can help thanks 

Posted 30 Aug 2000 by Lisa: Looking for family:  I am looking for anyone who may be related to Elizabeth Ann Shaw. Her parents were George and Katherine Shaw, and they both died in new Jersey in the 1970's. She had two daughters named Lisa and Amanda. She disappeared from California in 1985/86. Anyone who may have info, please send messages to above e-mail. Thank you. 

Posted ?:  Looking for lost sister 23 years ago, last known place of origin California. One brother Ron, one sister Wendy. Originally from Shrewsbury Massachusetts. Lost sister name Judith A. Dow. Anyone with information on her whereabouts can contact Ron.
 Posted 2007: I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone out there can help me find a really good free (if possible site ) to look up my three cousins who were taken away from us in 1983 alli have are there names and birthdates as well as there fathers name and his sister and brother in laws name and the address where they used to live back in 1983. I would appreciate any help you could supply. Posted by iceprincess11729  08-10-2007 (We can't find a way to contact iceprincess)

 Posted ?:  I am searching for my daughters, melissa whitaker born in 1980 in kingston ny, and michelle born in 1981 kings. i am looking for my daughters, melissa and michelle Whitaker born in kingston n.y. in 1980 and 1981 respectively. last known to live in evansville indiana in the mid to late 80's. i believe from there they moved to either texas or california. their mother is mai lee whitaker. she was born in south vietnam. i hope there is someone who can help me to let my daughters know that i am alive, living in catskill, n.y. and that i love them and miss them. my phone nuumber is 518-943-3262.  my name is david whitaker. my email address is dwhitmks@yahoo.com

 Posted ?: I am looking for two of my sisters Corrine & Theresa Stevens. They were given up to an orphanage or to foster care. Possibly later adopted sometime between 1982-1985. Their bio fathers name is Richard Stevens. Their bio mothers name is or was at the time Susan Jones, from Sayville, long Island. There last names were probably changed, and possibly there first names. Good chance they arent aware they have been adopted.I do not know if they stayed together or were adopted separately. Could have lived in or around the area of the town of Islip or the town of Brookhaven before they were adopted. Corrines Birthdate is Feb 13, 1980 and Theresa is Jan. 26,1981. I am the first of 8 Children and have located the other 5 of us but can not seem to locate them due to the adoptions. Thanks for any help. Ricky. rainscapeirrigation@yahoo.com

Posted ?: Hello, I am looking for family members with the last name of Meagher, or relatives married to or related to the Meagher family. They were living in Massachusetts the last time I saw any of them and that was in 1985 or so. Thanks.

Posted 2001: Sherry, Brandy, Mandy Valentine/Graves   I am searching for this mother and her two daughters. I have not seen them in 17 years, and I would like very much to find them. If anyone knows where they are, please tell them to contact me. A certain person will never know-if this is how they want it. Please help me!!  Posted by Karen diya@bellsouth.net 

 Posted ?:
Hi I am searching for my niece. Born 1/16/1984 in Providence, RI. She was adopted around the age of 3 years old.Her given name is STEPHANIE MARIE CAPRIO". any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lisa


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