Pictures Released at the Press Conference

1985 Barrel

 2000 Barrel

Denise Beaudin 1981 

"Evans" 1981 in NH

 Eunsoon Jun

 1985 Booking Photo

1985 Booking Photo (Enhanced- removed facial hair) 

 1985 Booking Photo (Enhanced-trimmed facial hair)

"Evans" 1980s in California

 Parole photo 1990

1990 Parole Photo (Enhanced- removed facial hair)

Parole Photo 1990

 2002 booking photo 


  1. Wish we could find a better version of the 1980's photo

  2. can someone please remind me where the 1980's photo came from? I think I remember it from a article about the child abandonment. But when was the photo actually taken? was it an arrest phot from mid eighties? or was it actually taken in 1980???

  3. On the CD distributed by the police at the press conference, that picture is labeled RobertEvans1980sinCA. Beyond that, we don't know.

  4. But Carol, I think you're correct that the picture appeared in an article about the abandonment.