Names and Information Used by Robert "Bob" Evans"

ATTACHMENT B Names and Information Used by Robert “Bob” Evans

Confirmed aliases:

1. Robert T. Evans 

a. Robert C. Evans

2. Curtis Mayo Kimball

3. Gordon Curtis Jenson 

a. Gordon Curtis Jensen

4. Gerald E. Mockerman 

a. Jerry Edward Mockerman

5. Lawrence William Vanner

Other alias variations:

1. Jerry Edwards Gorman  

2. Ulos Jenson 
3. Curtis Rollin Kimball 
4. Don Vannerson

General characteristics:

1. Died in prison in 2010 

2. Caucasian 
3. Tall 
4. Slim 
5. Brown hair 
6. Blue eyes 
7. Skilled electrician and mechanic 
8. Lived in trailer parks or motels 
9. Alcoholic 
10. Changed names frequently  
11. May have spoken a foreign language.


1. Red Dodge pickup truck with a light colored camper, 1965-1968 model. 

2. White Ford Van, 1978 model. 
3. VW Van, two-toned, light color on top with a blue or green color on bottom.

Evans possibly attended the following schools (unconfirmed):

1. Lowell Elementary, Phoenix Arizona 

2. North High School, Phoenix Arizona 
3. Devry Institution of Technology (Electronic Engineering and Design) Phoenix, Arizona

References to Family (from witnesses):
1. Seen with an unknown woman in her 20s-30s, and four small children in a dark four door sedan in California during the 1980s.

NOTE: Much of the below information was provided by Evans himself in various communications with others.  The veracity of the information below is unknown:

1. Evanstown, WY -Possible place of birth. 

2. Denver, CO  -Possibly spent time here.

3. Roanoke, VA  -Evans claimed he married his wife Denise LaPorte here (cannot identify or locate female).

4. Quebec, CA  -Evans claims he met his wife Denise LaPorte in here (cannot identify or  locate female).

5. San Pedro, CA -Possible place of birth.

6. Anaheim, CA -Possibly employed here.

7. Bay City, TX -Possibly spent time here with “family” and was employed here. 

8. Ingleside, TX  -Possibly employed here.

9. Houston, TX                               -Suspect claimed Denise LaPorte died here, was possibly employed    here. 

10. Austin, TX                               -Suspect attempted to call someone here living in an RV park.

11. Corpus Christi, TX                               -Suspect stated his wife was murdered in Corpus Christi.

12. Honolulu, HI -Possible association to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, based in Honolulu.

13. Greensboro, GA -Possibly arrested under another alias name here.

14. Phoenix, AZ -Possible place of employment. 

15. St. Louis, MO -Possible place of employment.
16. Louisiana -Possible place of employment.

17. Washington State -Possible place of employment.

18. Oregon -Possible state of travel/employment.

References to Family (from Evans):
1. Born as Ulos Jensen in Wyoming with a Norwegian/Danish background. 

2. He was the youngest son in his family.  
3. Ran away as a teenager.  
4. Referenced having a 2 year old and a 6 month old child in the 1980s. 
5. Listed “Elizabeth Evans” as spouse on 1980 arrest report.