"Elizabeth Evans"

Who is Elizabeth?  Was that really her name? So many more things to research.

Is Elizabeth the woman in the barrel or is she the mother of Evans' daughter? Elizabeth Mary Byron (aka Elizabeth Winn aka Elizabeth Underwood) went missing from Oxnard CA in 1978. She doesn't have DNA in the system. 

Or maybe Sherry Elizabeth Roach missing out of San Mateo, CA in 1976? Young and vulnerable, living in a halfway house. She does have DNA in the system so hopefully it would have indicated a match to the little girl in the barrel if she were the mother of Evan's child... but ...

And what if the "Elizabeth" signing for mail in Manchester is NOT the woman in the barrel or the mother of Evans' child but another woman that he  ran into on his travels. Perhaps someone useful to him because she drove, had a vehicle, and could help with a child. This woman went missing out of TX and her car was found near San Bernadino, CA.



  1. I think Elizabeth (Beth) Evans will be our Jane Doe

  2. Can you elaborate about the two women shown above? are they missing? from where?

    1. Yes, both women pictured are missing women. Byron in 1978 from Ventura County CA and Roach from San Mateo County CA in 1976.

  3. Did either of the women above have a child? The older child would have had to be born already for them to be the ones in the barrels