1982 Allenstown city directory

This is the full list of people whose names appeared in the 1982 city directory under Allenstown. It does not include the Suncook listings and it may only contain the names of head of households. The directories often misspelled names. 

Adinolfo: Mrs. Pauline Adinolfo, Ronald Adinolfo
Ahearn: Maurice K Ahearn
Ainsworth: Leonard Ainsworth
Akerley: Daniel Akerley (2x)
Alaimo: James Alaimo
Aldrich: Warren Aldrich
Allaire: Florida Allaire, Norman A Allaire, Orade Allaire, Robert Allaire
Allen: Kenneth Allen Jr
Amyot: Ernest Amyot
Anderson: Arthur H Anderson, William A Anderson
Andrus: unk 1st name
Anetil: Robert Anetil
Angowski: Carol Angowski
Antunes: Edith V Antunes
Appleman: Avery Appleman
Apt: Roy Apt
Archambeault:  Francis Archambeault
Argue: Thomas Argue
Arguin: Claude Arguin
Arnold: Joseph A Arnold, Ruth A Arnold
Ashland: Dennis N Ashland
Ashton: Johnathan Ashton
Aubin:  Albert G Aubin
Audet: Robert Audet
Auger: Henry J Auger, Jean G Auger, Oscar Auger, Richard Auger, Warren A Auger, Wayne Auger
Auprey: Albert Auprey
Austin: Mrs. Judith Austin, Mrs. Rita Austin
Avalon: Edward C Avalon
Averill: Richard Averill
Ayer: Marie Ayer, Russell W Ayer
Ayre:  William Ayre
Ayres:  Helen Ayres 

Baghdas: Adrian Baghdas
Baker: Henry G Baker
Bailey: Dennis J Bailey 
Baillargeon: Antonio Baillargeon, Donald L Baillargeon, Norman A Baillargeon, Robert L Baillargeon
Ball: Donald C Ball, Richard C Ball
Ballard: Waynewright A Ballard
Bane: Bruce Bane
Bangs: unk 1st name
Baron: Edgar A Baron, Roger Baron
Barrett: Paul Barrett
Barry: Francis Barry
Bartlett: David Bartlett, Mrs. Hazel Bartlett, Robert Bartlett (2x)
Barton: Richard Barton
Bashaw: Pearl M Bashaw
Bass: Richard Bass
Batchelder:  Robert Batchelder, Walter I Batchelder
Battistelli: Ronald Battistelli
Bean: Richard G Bean
Beauchemin: Rene U Beauchemin
Beaucher: William J Beaucher
Beauchesne: Aram J Beauchesne, Charles R Beauchesne, Edward Beauchesne, Edward W Beauchesne, Ernest A Beauchesne
Beauclair: Alfred Beauclair
Beaudet: Paul G Beaudet, Normand L Beaudet, Richard L Beaudet
Beaudoin:Alfred J Beaudoin, Alfred J Beaudoin Jr
Beaulieu: James Beaulieu, (unk 1st name) Beaulieu
Becht: Walter Becht
Bedard: Rachael M Bedard
Begin: Paul A Begin
Beliveau:  Norma Beliveau, Roger Beliveau
Bell: Patricia Bell, (unk 1st name) Bell
Bellamare: Mrs. Doris Bellemare
Bellerose: Albert A Bellerose, Mrs. Alice Bellerose, Mrs. Ella B Bellerose, Romeo G Bellerose
Bellevue: Robert Bellevue
Bellis: Arthur J Bellis
Benoit: John A Benoit
Bennett:  Louise Bennett
Benninghove: John Benninghove, Joseph C Benninghove
Benson: Clifford Benson
Bergeron: Robert Bergeron, Roger Bergeron
Bergevin: Donald A Bergevin, William J Bergevin
Bernard: Hervey J Bernard, Laurent R Bernard, Moe Bernard, Roger R Bernard
Bernier: Richard A Bernier
Berthiaume: Lorraine Berthiaume
Bertrand: Mrs. Celina Bertrand
Berube: Donald M Berube, Richard E Berube
Bettez: Arthur J Bettez
Bettini: David Bettini
Bilodeau: Mrs. Albertine Bilodeau, Anthony A Bilodeau, Richard E Bilodeau, Roger Bilodeau, Reverand Roger P Bilodeau
Bird: Larry Bird
Birdsey: Kenneth W Birdsey
Biron: Bernard Biron, George A Biron, Gerald R Biron
Bisson: Robert Bisson
Bissonette: Jean Bissonette, Normand A Bissonette 
Blais: Blais (unk first name), David A Blais, Normand A Blais, Robert Blais
Blanchette: Jacques I Blanchette
Blay: Kendall Blay
Blazon: Roger Blazon
Bleau: Robert Bleau
Blevins: Bruce Blevins
Blouin: Roger J Blouin
Blow:  Rolland Blow
Bodi: Mark M Bodi
Bodner: Stanley R Bodner
Boisseau: Robert Boisseau
Boisvert: Mrs. Anna Boisvert, Barry W Boisvert, Donald R Boisvert, Guilfred O Boisvert Jr, Irene L Boisvert, Normand E Boisvert, Mrs. Simeone Boisvert, Mrs. Blanche Boisvert
Bolduc: Maurice A Bolduc
Bolton: Karen Bolton
Bonenfont: Donat J Bonenfont, Lucien U Bonenfont, Robert H Bonenfont
Bonneville: E Bonneville
Borelli: Edward Borelli
Borowski: Walter Borowski
Bouchard: Albert N Bouchard, Joseph Bouchard
Bowen: Raymond E Bowen
Bowser: Grace D Bowser
Boucher: Gerald P Boucher, Louis Boucher, Paul Boucher, Raymond P Boucher, Roger G Boucher
Boudreau: Mrs. Georgette Boudreau, Rene L Boudreau, Robert Boudreau, Roger Boudreau
Boulanger: Donald Boulanger
Bourbeau: Thomas Bourbeau
Bourcier: Gerard A Bourcier
Bourgeois: Henry A Bourgeois
Bourque: Eugene C Bourque
Boutin: Alain Boutin, Ernest Boutin
Bovio: Joseph Bovio, Roland Bovio
Boswer: Gerald Bowser
Boyd: Albert Boyd
Boynton: Kenneth Boynton, Kenneth E Boynton
Bubacz: Leon T Bubacz
Buczynski: Stephen J Buczynski
Bullard: Altaruth Bullard
Brackett: William R Brackett
Bradbury: David Bradbury
Bradley: Lulla Bradley
Brasley: Raymond M Brasley
Brault: Roland Brault Jr
Bray: Thomas Bray (2x)
Brentley: B Brentley
Breslin: Joseph E Breslin Jr
Breton: Raymond A Breton
Briggs: Mrs. Vietta Briggs
Brisbois: Lionel V Brisbois, Ludger O Brisbois, Seth Brisbois
Brissette: Francis J Brissette (2x)
Brochu: Claude Brochu
Broderick: John Broderick
Brogna: Helen Brogna
Brown: Arthur Brown, Edward H Brown, Mrs. Gwendolyn S Brown, Keith Brown, S Brown
Browning: Mrs. Marion Browning
Buja: Alfred Buja
Buksar: Andrew J Buksar Jr
Burbak: Craig Burbak
Burditt: Richard A Burditt
Bureau: Gerry Bureau
Burgess: Sally J Burgess
Butler: unk 1st name
Buxton: George A Buxton

Cahill: Thomas L Cahill
Caine: Margaret E Caine
Caldwell: (1st name unk Caldwell)
Callahan: Robert F Callahan
Camire: Mrs. Yvonne Camire
Campbell: Harry W Campbell, Paul Campbell, Mrs. Rachel Campbell, Robert Campbell
Campron: Maurice A Campron
Cann: Alphonse Cann
Cantara: Ernest P Cantara, Eugene A Cantara, Mrs. Marie A Cantara, Roger A Cantara, Roland G Cantara
Cantin:  Roger L Cantin
Carey: Scott A Carey
Caron: Nelson J Caron
Carpenter:  Michael Carpenter
Carter:  Alder Carter
Case: Harold Case
Casey: Timothy Casey
Cassell:  Peter Cassell
Cassidy:  Gerard Cassidy, Pauline Cassidy
Castor: Earl R Castor
Chalmers:  Frank Chalmers
Chamberland: Maurice Chamberland
Champagne: Dennis Chanpagne, Jean Champagne, Mrs. Loretta Champagne
Channing:  Robert Channing
Chapman: Richard E Chapman
Chaput: Arthur Chaput, Arthur R Chaput, Donald Chaput, Everett R Chaput, Norman S Chaput
Chartier:  Raymond Chartier
Chauvette: Maurice R Chauvette
Cheney:  Patricia A Cheney 
Chevrette: Marcel R Chevrette, Robert D Chevrette, Steven Chevrette
Chick:  James Chick
Chickering:  Peter Chickering
Chisholm: Glenn Chisholm
Chivalette: D Chivalette
Cholette:  Richard B Cholette
Chouinard: Jean E Chouinard, Raymond J Chouinard
Christte: Robert Christte
Chroniak: Frances Chroniak, Michael Chroniak, Pauline Chroniak
Cima: G Cima
Clark: Frank L Clark, Winifred Clark
Clement: Robert D Clement, Robert M Clement
Clockedile: Robert T Clockedile
Cobb:  Michael Cobb
Cobbett:  David Cobbett
Cochrane: Donald Cochrane
Coffey: Edward J Coffey
Cofran:  Mrs. Madeleine B Cofran
Coldwell:  Laurie Coldwell
Cole:  Nancy F Cole
Coll: Adele L Coll
Collett: George F Collett
Comeau: Mrs. Yvonne Comeau
Conley:  Jack Conley
Connor: Mrs. Annette Connor, John H Connor Jr, Norman H Connor, Raymond F Connor Jr, Raymond P Connor
Conroy:  (no 1st name given) Conroy
Cooper:  Lawrence Cooper
Corcoran: Mark Corcoran, William R Corcoran
Cornell:  (no 1st name given) Cornell
Corson:  Michael Corson
Cossaboom: Barbara M Cossaboom
Cote: Marilyn Cote
Cottle:  George Cottle
Cotton:  Dawne Cotton
Coulombe: Ernest E Coulombe
Coulsey: Donald E Coulsey
Courchesne: Hervey O Courchesne 
Courtemanche: Amedee J Courtemanche, R Courtemanche, Raoul Courtemanche, Robert K Courtemanche, Roland Courtemanche, Russell Courtemanche, Simeone Courtemanche
Couture: Dennis L Couture
Cox: Edward Cox
Crevier: Ernest F Crevier
Crick: Thomas Crick
Cronis: Gary Cronis
Crowley: (unk 1st name), Joseph Crowley
Cummings: Joel A Cummings
Cunha: Robert Cunha
Cunningham: Brice Cunningham, Timothy Cunningham
Currier: Mrs. Ann Currier, Charles W Currier, John Currier (2x), Raymond Currier
Cusson: Albert M Cusson
Cutting: Basil F Cutting
Cyr: Arthur G Cyr, Edward Cyr, Edward R Cyr, William C Cyr

Dahood: Thomas Dahood
Dalrymple: Red Dalrymple
Damata: Vincent Damata
Dandeneau: Mrs. Maria Dandeneau
Dandurand: David H Dandurand, Philip Dandurand, William Dandurand
Daneault: Arthur Daneault, Arthur J Daneault, Gabriel J Daneault, Joseph Daneault, Leo R Daneault, Roland R Daneault, Stephen Daneault 
Danforth: Gwendolyn Danforth
Danieli: Frank M Danieli
Daniels:  James Daniels
Dauphinais: Mrs. Eveline Dauphinais
Daviault: Ronald H Daviault 
Davila:  Jaime Davila
Davis: Anthony Davis
Dawson: Thomas Dawson
Dean:  Carlton Dean
Dearborn: Richard Dearborn
DeBartolo: Peter DeBartolo
DeBlois: Irene C DeBlois
Decato: Daniel Decato
DeFrancesco: Francis DeFrancesco, Stephen M DeFrancesco
Delehanty:  Eileen Delehanty
Demers: Benoit Demers, Nancy Demers, Paul Demers, Richard Demers (2x), Ronald R Demers, Stanislas L Demers
Dennis: Bonnie Dennis, Richard Dennis
Derocher: Therese Derocher
Derosby: Craig A Derosby 
Descoteaux: Leo A Descoteaux, Louis Descoteaux, Romeo G Descoteaux
Desfosses: Joseph Desfosses
Desgranges: Mrs. Aurore M Desgranges
Desjardin: Mark Desjardin
Desmarais:  Hertel Desmarais, Veronica A Desmarais
Desrochers: Earl Desrochers, Leandre R Desrochers
Desrosier: Doria R Desrosier
Desrosiers: Herve Desrosiers, Joseph H Desrosiers, Ray Desrosiers
Devoe:  D Devoe
Dewitz:  George Dewitz
Deyette: Mary J Deyette
Dion: Rose Dion, Mrs. Yvonne B Dion
Dionne: Albert H Dionne, Robert Dionne
Dlubac: Elizabeth H Dlubac, Paul J Dlubac
Doane: Richard C Doane
Dobe:  William A Dobe
Dobens: E Dobens
Dodge:  David Dodge, Herbert A Dodge Jr
Dodier: Robert A Dodier
Donahue: Lydia Donahue, Michael E Donahue
Dormon: Edith Dormon
Dorothy: Frank E Dorothy
Dorsch: Henry Dorsch
Doster:  Douglas Doster
Doucet: Mrs. Yvonne Doucet
Douillette:  Bruce Douillette 
Dovis: Mark R Dovis
Dow:  Dwight D Dow Jr 
Doyle: Robert Doyle
Drake: Gertrude Drake 
Drew: Nancy Drew
Drouin: Lucille Drouin, Rene A Drouin
Dube: Sylvio I Dube Jr
Dubreuil: Mrs. Gertrude I Dubreuil
Ducharme: Daniel Ducharme, Roger Ducharme
Duchesne: Edmond Duchesne
Duclos:  Prudence Duclos
Dufault: Kath Dufault
Duford: D Duford, Dennis Duford, Joseph R Duford
Dufour: Mary Dufour
Dufresne:  Marc R Dufresne, Rosario Dufresne
Duguay: Edward R Duguay, Joseph P Duguay, Richard Duguay
Duhaime: David Duhaime, Mrs. Jaqueline L Duhaime, Percy J Duhaime
Dunn: Alan Dunn, Mrs. Rose Dunn
Dupont:  Armand R Dupont, John A Dupont, Michael Dupont
Dupuis: Mrs. Gloria Dupuis
Duquette: Diane M Duquette, Ronald Duquette
Dusseault: Ernest G Dusseault
Dustin: Clarence Dustin, David J Dustin
Dwyer: Cheryl Dwyer

Eaves: James Eaves
Egan: (no 1st name given) Egan, Colin Egan
Ellis: Mrs. Florence Ellis
Elwell: Mrs. Bethelyn Elwell, Douglas G Elwell
Emery: John Emery
Emond: Leo J Emond, Maurice B Emond, Mrs. Yvonne Emond
Erikson: Lawrence F Erikson
Erno: Clyde Erno 
Evans: David E Evans, Raymond J Evans 

Fanny: Albert O Fanny, Alcide W Fanny, Roger S Fanny
Farnsworth:  (no 1st name given) Farnsworth
Farrar:  Mrs. Mattie G Farrar
Farrell: John E Farrell
Faulkner:  Edna Faulkner
Fay: Edward Fay 
Feathers: Sally Feathers
Fecteau: Michael F Fecteau
Fedolfi: Joseph Fedolfi
Fee: John J Fee
Felong: Stanley Felong
Ferguson: Roy A Ferguson
Ferron: Joseph Ferron
Fischer: William Fischer
Fleury: A Edward Fleury, Mrs. Christine Fleury, Richard R Fleury, Victor E Fleury Jr
Fling: Charles Fling
Fogg: Bruce Fogg
Follansbee: Mrs. Linda Follansbee
Fontaine: Benjamin Fontaine
Forcier: Roger A Forcier
Forest: Daniel Forest
Forrest:  Dennis G Forrest, Irene Forrest
Fortin: Donald Fortin, Robert J Fortin
Foss: Carl A Foss
Fournier: Richard Fournier
Fowler: Dennis Fowler, Hebert Fowler, Mrs. Laura M Fowler, Roger W Fowler, Stephen A Fowler
Frazier: Charles Frazier
Frechette:  Leon C Frechette
French: Michael French
Frisella: John Frisella
Froton: Peter W Froton
Fulchino: Stephen V Fulchino
Fuller: Kenneth Fuller, Thomas N Fuller
Furman: Mrs. Mary A Furman
Furus: Mrs. Charlotte Furus, Theo H Furus

Gabree: M Gabree
Gage: Pauline A Gage
Gagne: Fred Gagne, Louis I Gagne, Raymond Gagne, Roland H Gagne
Gagnon: Gerard G Gagnon, Mrs. Germaine Gagnon, Joseph Gagnon, Lucien A Gagnon, Raoul A Gagnon, Richard L Gagnon, Richard N Gagnon, Robert Gagnon, Robert R Gagnon, Roland Gagnon (2x), Romeo J Gagnon
Galbrialht: (no 1st name given) Galbrialht
Gallagher:  Edward Gallagher
Gallant:  Pam Gallant
Gamache: Mrs. Claire B Gamache, Doris Gamache, Mrs. Emilia Gamache, Ovila Gamache, Roger Gamache
Gaudette:  Raymond P Gaudette
Gaudin: Armand J Gaudin
Gaumont: Richard D Gaumont
Gauthier:  Anne Gauthier, Mrs. Emma C Gauthier
Gay: Eileen Gay
Gazoulis: Earl G Gazoulis
Gelinas: Paul J Gelinas, Walter E Gelinas
Gibeau: Gilbert Gibeau
Gibbons: Richard J Gibbons
Gifford: Wesley W Gifford
Gillis: (no 1st name given, at same address as Richard Levasseur)
Gilman:  Leonard Gilman
Gingras: Mrs. Jean R Gingras
Ginn: Odbrey A Ginn
Giordano: William Giordano
Gioisa:  Thomas Gioisa
Girard: Blanche Girard, Brenda Girard, Donald A Girard, Leonard L Girard, Mrs. Marie A Girard, Patricia G Girard, Robert O Girard
Giroux: Albertine Giroux, Allen T Giroux 
Given: Thomas J Given
Glodgett: Rodney Glodgett, Roland Glodgett
Gobeil:  Lionel Gobeil
Godbout: Stanislaus L Godbout
Goldman:  Roy Goldman 
Goldstein:  Adam Goldstein
Gonthier:  Maurice Gonthier
Gonzales: Milton Gonzales
Gonyer:  James W Gonyer
Goodnow:  James Goodnow
Gordon:  Phillip Gordon
Gorman:  J S Gorman
Goss: Sherwood W Goss
Gosselin:  Donald B Gosselin
Gould: Fred F Gould
Gourley: Gary Gourley
Gove: Richard L Gove, Rose V Gove
Grad:  Mrs. Patricia Grad
Gramatikas: Maggie Gramatikas
Grandmaison: Romuald Grandmaison
Grant:  (no 1st name given) Grant, Earl Grant
Grass: Hugo L Grass
Gravel: Raymond Gravel
Graveline: D R Graveline
Gray: Merrick M Gray
Green:  Mrs. Mildred M Green
Greenleaf:  Harold W Greenleaf Jr
Greenwood: Richard Greenwood
Gregg:  Susan Gregg
Gregoire: Raymond E Gregoire
Grenier:  George Grenier
Griffin: William Griffin
Guay: Harry R Guay
Guertin:  Aline Guertin 
Guest: Mrs. Gertrude M Guest
Guilbeault: Eugene V Guilbeault, Raymond Guilbeault
Guilou:  Fran Guilou
Guillou: Susan Guillou
Guthrie: Charles B Guthrie
Guyer:  Harold Guyer
Gwinn:  (no 1st name given) Gwinn
Gysin: Samuel G Gysin 

Haas: (no 1st name given)
Haggerty: William Haggerty
Haines: Raymond Haines
Hall: Robert A Hall
Halle: Cheryl Halle
Halverson: Scott Halverson
Hamel: Albert C Hamel, Annie E Hamel, Armand E Hamel, Frank W Hamel, Henry J Hamel,  Normand E Hamel (2x), Raymond Hamel, Raymond L Hamel, Walter Hamel, Wayne Hamel
Hammond: Sue Hammond
Hanna: Mrs. Josephine Hanna
Hanneman: Richard Hanneman
Hanright: (no 1st name given) Hanright, Howard Hanright III, Richard A Hanright
Hanscom:  Kath Hanscom
Harding: Janet Harding
Harkins:  Paul Harkins
Harless: Martin Harless
Harrahy: Mrs. DeEtte Harrahy
Harris: Carl Harris
Hartford: Edgar Hartford, Edgar C Hartford
Hawley: Carol Hawley
Hayes: James F Hayes, Joseph V Hayes
Healey: (no 1st name given) Healey (on Monroe Ave), Maurice Healey
Healy: Carroll Healy
Hebert: Adelard T Hebert Jr, Carrie Hebert, Donald R Hebert, Richard A Hebert 
Hemeon: Mrs. Jeanne M Hemeon, Robert Hemeon
Henderson: Mrs. Paulette Henderson
Henry:  Peter J Henry
Herbert: Arthur G Herbert
Herron: Raymond W Herron
Hevey:  Hector J Hevey
Hewey:  Richard Hewey
Hewitt: Dennis R Hewitt, Henry O Hewitt
Hill: Edward Hill, Margaret Hill, Mrs. Patricia Hill
Hillsgrove: Bruce Hillsgrove
Hodge:  Allyn N Hodge
Hoffman: Russell Hoffman
Holt: Phyllis Holt (2x), William Holt
Horner:  Orin Horner
Houghton: C Houghton 
Houle: Arthur G Houle, Glenn M Houle, George H Houle, Raymond Houle, Ronald Houle, Sylvia Houle
Houston: Norma Houston
Hovey: Donald Hovey
Huard: Paul Huard
Hubbard: B Hubbard
Huggins:  Edward F Huggins
Humphrey: Francis E Humphrey
Hunt:  Bradley Hunt
Huntoon: Bruce B Huntoon 

Innarelli: David I Innarelli
Insley: George M Insley
Irish: James C Irish
Irzyk: Stanley Irzyk 
Isaia: Nicholas Isaia

Jache: Michael P Jache
Jackson: Floyd F Jackson, James R Jackson
Jacob: William O Jacob
Jacques: Timothy H Jacques
Jameson:  Selma Jameson
Jarvis: Richard Jarvis
Jason:  Richard Jason
Jodoin:  Charles Jodoin
Johnson: Donald Johnson, George Johnson, James C Johnson
Johnston: Charles M Johnston, David Johnston (2x) 
Joly: Bernard Joly
Jones:  Roland Jones
Juranty:  Edward P Juranty, Julia A Juranty

Kalex: Leroy J Kalex
Karwacki: Mrs. Lucille Karwacki
Keane: Francis X Keane
Keaney: Arlene Keaney
Keefe: Sophie H Keefe
Kelley: James Kelley
Kelly: Charles C Kelly, James J Kelly, John Kelly
Kelsea: Robert Kelsea
Kendrick: Janet Kendrick
Keniston: Mrs. Elizabeth A Keniston
Kent: Mrs. Yvonne Kent
Kenyon: Mrs. Lura H Kenyon
Keriazes: Thomas D Keriazes
Keyes: (no 1st name given) Keyes
Kilgus: (no 1st name given) Kilgus
Kimball: Earl F Kimball
King:  Robert C King
Kirkland: Joan D Kirkland
Kneeland: Asher S Kneeland Jr, Lawrence Kneeland
Knittel: Alf C Knittel
Knowlton: Ashley H Knowlton
Knox:  Elmer B Knox
Korpi: Ted Korpi
Kouri: James Kouri
Krizek:  Hope M Krizek
Krochmal: Bradley S Krochmal
Kruger: Richard A Kruger
Kula: William D Kula
Kulik: Joseph S Kulik
Kundu: Bejoy B Kundu
Kwiatkowski: Henry Kwiatkowski 

Labarre: Patricia Labarre
Labbe: Paul A Labbe
Laberge: Rene A Laberge
Labrecque:  Mark Labrecque
Labrie: Henri E Labrie
LaBelle: Richard LaBelle
LaBuda: Carl J LaBuda
Lacerte: Emile Lacerte, Girard Lacerte, Mrs. Irene Lacerte
Lacey: Ronald Lacey
Lachance: Ronald Lachance
LaChapelle: Clarence LaChapelle
Ladurantaye: Roger R Ladurantaye
Laferte: Mrs. Connie Laferte, Mrs. Lucinda Laferte, William Laferte 
Laflamme: Anselm G Laflamme, Armand Laflamme, Eli R Laflamme, Mrs. Germaine Laflamme, Oneil J Laflamme, Roger W Laflamme, Wilfred J Laflamme
LaFleur: B LaFleur
Lafond: Gerald J Lafond
Lagor: Clifford Lagor, David J Lagor
Laliberte: Ronald Laliberte
Lamaire: Lucille Lamaire
Lamey: Mrs. Sylvia Lamey
Lamphere: Ralph Lamphere
Lamy: Cora A Lamy, Joseph O Lamy
Lane:  James A Lane
Lang: Gail E Lang
Langella: Steven Langella
Langford:  Lorin Langford, Richard L Langford
Langlais: Mrs. Gladys Langlais
LaPete: Ernest LaPete
LaPierre: J A LaPierre
LaPointe: Kevin LaPointe
Lappas: Margaret J Lappas
LaRiccia: Henry J LaRiccia
Laroche: Mrs. Estelle J Laroche
Larochelle: Marc Larochelle
Laronde:  Mrs. Irene Laronde
LaPlante: Mrs. Julia LaPlante
LaRose: Richard LaRose
Lasalle: Ernest J Lasalle, Lawrence Lasalle, Mrs. Rose A Lasalle, Mrs. Theresa Lasalle
Laslie: Daniel J Laslie
Latham: Walter J Latham
Laughlin: Ed Laughlin, Thomas Laughlin
Lavallee:  Edward Lavallee
Laverdiere: Gerald Laverdiere, Robert Laverdiere
Lavertu: T L Lavertu
Lavoie: Mrs. Anna M Lavoie, Arthur A Lavoie, Donald M Lavoie, Gerard H Lavoie, Paul R Lavoie, Richard Lavoie, Roger A Lavoie
Law: Edward Law, Leonard Law
Lawlor: John A Lawlor
Lebel: Peter M Lebel
LeBlanc:  Abel J LeBlanc, Edward P LeBlanc
LeBrun: Felix S LeBrun
Leclerc: Arthur Leclerc 
Lefebvre: Achille Lefebvre, Mark Lefebvre
Lemaire: Andre L Lemaire
Lemay:  Armand A Lemay, Richard Lemay
Lemieux: Henry L Lemieux, Raymond Lemieux
Lemire: Mrs. Luise C Lemire
Lesmerises: Albert L Lesmerises
L'Esperance: Ronald M L'Esperance
Letendre: Mrs. Anita M Letendre, Mrs. Belle Letendre, John A Letendre, Mrs. Lena B Letendre, Roger A Letendre, Roland R Letendre
Letourneau: Albert J Letourneau, George E Letourneau, Louise Levesque, Pauline Letourneau
Levasseur: Richard Levasseur
Levesque: Alfred Levesque, Mrs. Dolores Levesque, Mrs. Edesse Levesque, Mrs. Lillian Levesque
Lewis: Marion L Lewis, Mrs. Tyra Lewis
Liakos: Stephen C Liakos
Lillis:  (no 1st name given) Lillis
Lima: Fred A Lima
Lindquist: Donald Lindquist
Linnehan: Colleen Linnehan
Locke: Ronald Locke
Lockhart: Robert Lockhart
Loeschen:  William Loeschen
Loiselle: Robert R Loiselle
Longchamps: Maurice M Longchamps Jr
Lord:  Gregory Lord, Frank Lord
Loso:  Roxanne Loso
Loucks:  David Loucks, David C Loucks Jr
Lovering: Mrs. Corinne Lovering
Lows: (no 1st name given) Lows
Luger:  (no 1st name given) Luger
Lussier:  Charlotte Lussier 
Lyon: Scott M Lyon

MacArthur: Ralph MacArthur
MacDonald: Paul MacDonald
Mackenzie: Mrs. Renza Mackenzie
Maguire:  Edward J Maguire
Mahoney: (no 1st name given) Mahoney, Natalie H Mahoney
Mailhot: Lucille Mailhot, Normand Mailhot
Major: Robert Major
Maltais:  Eugene Maltais
Mangini: Ann Mangini
Manseau: Richard R Manseau
Manzer: Paul G Manzer
Marcoux: Arthur L Marcoux
Marier: Robert H Marier
Marpes:  Mrs. E J Marpes
Marshall:  Mrs. Jeanette Marshall
Marston: Robert D Marston
Martel: Charles F Martel, Ed H Martel, Ernest L Martel, J Martel, Lawrence W Martel, Leo J Martel, Lester L Martel, Marie-Lise Martel, Mrs. Mary Martel, Paul E Martel, Richard H Martel, Roger A Martel, Roland Martel, Walter Martel
Martell: Richard W Martell, William Martell
Martella:  (no 1st name given) Martella
Martin: David Martin, Mrs. Ida Martin, Oscar Martin
Martineau: John Martineau Jr
Mason:  Earl Mason, Mrs. Jacqueline L Mason
Maznek: Mark Maznek
McAteer: John I McAteer
McCarthy: Clifford McCarthy, Peggy McCarthy
McCoo:  William McCoo
McDonald:  Bruce McDonald, Dorothy McDonald (2x), Scott McDonald
McDonnell: Al McDonnell, Leigh McDonnell
McFetridge: Keith McFetridge, Keith McFetridge Jr
McKenney: Edgar O McKenney
McMurphy:  Rolland W McMurphy
McNamara: George McNamara, Glenn O McNamara
McNeil:  James W McNeil
McQuown: Lee McQuown
Medugno: Harry Medugno
Meffert:  Patricia Meffert
Melim:  Walter H Melim
Menard:  Roger A Menard
Mendenko:  Kenneth Mendenko
Mercier:  Michael Mercier
Merrill:  Richard G Merrill
Messing: Kenneth Messing
Meuse:  Dennis J Meuse
Michaels: Bruce Michaels
Michaud: (no 1st name given) Michaud, Albert J Michaud Jr
Miles: (no 1st name given) Miles
Miller: Benjamin A Miller, David Miller (2x), Robert Miller, Russell Miller
Milliken: David C Milliken
Minard:  Archie D Minard
Miracle:  Vincent Miracle
Mitchell: Alfred B Mitchell Jr, James Mitchell, John J Mitchell
Miville:  Mrs. Lillian Miville
Moisan:  Armand J Moisan
Moller:  (no 1st name given) Moller 
Mondoux: Gerard A Mondoux, Leo J Mondoux, William J Mondoux
Monteiro: (no 1st name given) Monteiro
Montminy: Mark Montminy
Moore: Patrick Moore
Moquin: Mrs. Flora S Moquin
Moran: Paul F Moran
Morgan:  Kevin Morgan
Morrell:  John E Morrell
Morris: Gary Morris, Marie Morris
Morrissette: Gil C Morrissette
Morrissey: Mrs. Marie Morrissey
Morse:  Louis Morse
Morton:  Richard H Morton
Moulton:  Robert Moulton, Mrs. Simonne Moulton
Mozier: Richard W Mozier
Mulaire: Rene W Mulaire
Muller: Flora Muller, Paul Muller III 
Mulligan: Jean G Mulligan, Vincent P Mulligan
Murphy:  Reverend Eugene E Murphy, Walter Murphy
Murray: R Bernard Murray, Roland B Murray  
Muzzey: Anthony Muzzey

Nadeau: Arthur N Nadeau, Paul Nadeau
Napier:  Gary Napier
Nardone: Patricia Nardone
Nascimento: Allen Nascimento
Nedeau:  Christopher Nedeau, Rodney R Nedeau, Roy G Nedeau
Nelson:  Joan Nelson, Ricgard Nelson
Nepvue: Ernest O Nepvue, Mignonne F Nepvue
Nerbonne:  Roger E Nerbonne
Neveau: Marie J Neveau
Neveu:  Roger E Neveu
Newcomb:  Edward Newcomb, Irene Newcomb
Newell: Eli Newell, Ronald S Newell Jr
Newry:  Charles E Newry
Nichols: Arthur R Nichols
Noel: Brian K Noel, Chester L Noel, Frank E Noel, Roland W Noel, Steven Noel, Tim Noel
Noga:  Richard Noga
Nolet:  Gary G Nolet
Noonan: David C Noonan
Northrup: Irma Northrup

Ober: Eric Ober
O'Brien: Agnes O'Brien, John B O'Brien
O'Connell:  Eileen O'Connell
O'Kelly: M O'Kelly
O'Leary:  Patricia M O'Leary
Oliver: Donald H Oliver
Olivier: Daniel R Olivier, Roger Olivier
Olmstead: Dennis Olmstead
Ope: R Ope
Orlando: J Orlando
Osgood: Mrs. Gwendolyn Osgood
Ota:  Henry Ota
Ouellette:  Connie Ouellette, Mrs. Yvonne Ouellette
Owen:  Griff Owen
Oxley: William Oxley 

Packer: Norma Packer
Page: Bob Page, Richard Page
Paine:  John T Paine
Palmer: John E Palmer, Oscar H Palmer, Robert Palmer
Pappenful: Nancy Pappenful
Paquette: Alan H Paquette, Gary Paquette
Paradis: David Paradis, Raymond Paradis, Ronald A Paradis
Parker: Gilbert Parker, Thomas Parker
Parkinson: Donald H Parkinson
Parlangeli: Robert L Parlangeli
Parrish:  Richard Parrish
Parry:  Theo E Parry
Patch: Mrs. Jeanne D Patch
Patria: David Patria
Patten: John J Patten Jr
Patton:  John Patton
Paul: Mrs. Constance Paul
Paulding: Mrs. Carol A Paulding
Peabody: Mrs. Millie Peabody
Pearl:  Richard E Pearl Jr
Pease: Wesley F Pease
Peck:  Peter E Peck
Pecore: Patricia Pecore
Pelissier: Leonore W Pelissier
Peloquin: Donald Peloquin, Isidore E Peloquin
Pelletier: Charles E Pelletier, George Pelletier, Guy Pelletier, Kenneth Pelletier, Oscar H Pelletier, Rosaire J Pelletier
Peltak:  Thomas Peltak Jr
Peno: Mrs. Eleanor S Peno, Peter J Peno
Pepin: William M Pepin
Perkins:  David P Perkins
Perron: John Perron, Kenneth R Perron
Peters: M Peters
Peterson: Donald E Peterson
Petrin: Ernest G Petrin, Roger J Petrin
Pfefferle: Edward P Pfefferle
Phelps: Michael L Phelps
Phillips: Hugette Phillips
Phinney: Bruce Phinney
Pilkenton: James Pilkenton
Pinili: Mrs. Pilar Pinili
Pinkos: Richard J Pinkos
Pion: Norman D Pion
Piper: David S Piper, Mary Piper, Richard G Piper
Piterak: Flora Piterak
Plante:  Louis P Plante, Robert Plante
Plourde: Bernard L Plourde, Jean L Plourde, Paul E Plourde, Richard C Plourde, Roland A Plourde, Rudolphe J Plourde
Poisson: Maurice Poisson
Poitras: (no 1st name) Poitras, Wilfred L Poitras
Pooler:  Robin T Pooler
Porter: Paul Porter 
Pouliot: Gerald Pouliot, Ovila J Pouliot
Pratt:  David A Pratt
Prince:  Ralph E Prince
Proctor: Gordon W Proctor, Steven Proctor
Proulx: Arthur O Proulx, Mrs. Fabiola C Proulx, Jeanne M Proulx, Marcel Proulx
Provencher: Roger Provencher 
Prudhomme:  Fred Prudhomme

Quessey: Raymond Quessey

Racine: Mrs. Antonia Racine, Mrs. Lorraine Racine
Rainey: Richard A Rainey
Ramaldi:  A Ramaldi
Randlett: Raymond Randlett, Shirley Randlett
Ranfos:  Victor J Ranfos
Rauseo: Joseph Rauseo
Raymond: (no 1st name) Raymond, Emile Raymond, Gaston R Raymond, Mrs. Jeanette Raymond, Kenneth Raymond, Norbert Raymond, Richard N Raymond
Rayno:  Mrs. Katherine L Rayno
Reardon: John E Reardon, John E Reardon Jr
Reda:  Joseph Reda
Reed: Marion W Reed
Regis:  John Regis
Reil: James Reil
Relette:  William Relette
Renaud:  Mrs. Lucille Renaud 
Rice:  Dan Rice
Richard: Aime Richard, Bernard C Richard, Norman M Richard, Philip L Richard, Robert M Richard, Roland H Richard, Roy Richard, Mrs. Yvonne Richard
Richardson: Royal M Richardson, S Richardson
Riel:  Thomas W Riel
Rines: Viola Rines
Riopel:  Bernard R Riopel, Mrs. Lydia Riopel
Risatti:  Rico H Risatti
Rispolli: Robert R Rispolli

Ritchotte: Paul A Ritchotte, William Ritchotte
Rivard:  Mrs. Gladys Rivard, J Rivard
Rivet:  Roger Rivet
Roberts: Blanche Roberts, James Roberts, James D Roberts
Robertson:  Thomas Robertson
Robie:  Wayne L Robie
Robinson:  Howard Robinson
Robitaille:  Joseph Robitaille
Rollo:  William Rollo
Rondeau:  Armand G Rondeau, Donald Rondeau, Gerard P Rondeau, Normand O Rondeau, Robert Rondeau, Walter J Rondeau
Ross: Deborah E Ross, Mrs. Estelle Ross, Richard Ross
Rostad:  Normella Rostad 
Rousseau:  Stephen Rousseau
Rowe: Michael Rowe, Michael P Rowe
Roy:  David H Roy, Emile A Roy, Mrs. Hannah E Roy, Martin Roy, Maurice Roy, Raymond H Roy
Royer: Elaine A Royer
Ruben:  Byron Ruben
Russ:  Donald A Russ
Russell:  Mrs. Rosa E Russell
Ryan:  Andrew Ryan, Cecil F Ryan

Sabourin: Roland Sabourin
Sacco: (no 1st name given) Sacco
Saint Germaine:  Elizabeth Saint Germaine
Samuelson: Francis Samuelson
Sanborn:  Nelson G Sanborn
Santomassimo: Joseph C Santomassimo
Sargent: Mrs. Pauline Sargent
Saucier: Betty Saucier, Robert Saucier, Roger J Saucier
Savaria: Emile F Savaria, Louis A Savaria, Omer C Savaria
Savini:  Daniel Savini
Savoie:  Bernard Savoie
Sayles:  Ronald Sayles
Scannel:  Helen Scannel, Mary A Scannel
Scheyd:  Wayne F Scheyd
Schiavone: Peter M Schiavone
Schlenker: Frank Schlenker
Schmidt:  Linda Schmidt
Schmitz: Barry Schmitz
Scholl: Roger Scholl
Scott: Earle Scott
Severance: Floyd B Severance
Sevigny: Paul Sevigny
Seymour: Leda Seymour
Shaw: Robert Shaw
Shea: D A Shea, Peter M Shea, Robert Shea
Shields: Robert Shields
Shine: William Shine
Shrewsbury: Frank Shrewsbury
Shurgrue: Margaret Shurgrue
Shuter: William T Shuter
Siemon:  Mrs. Else Siemon
Silke:  Thomas J Silke
Simano: Norman Simano
Simard:  Pierre G Simard
Simon:  Kenneth Simon
Simoneau:  Edmour A Simoneau
Sims:  Rupert E Sims
Skinner: Norman L Skinner
Smisliawi: (no 1st name given) Smisliawi
Smith: James Smith, Loren Smith, Mrs. Mary D Smith, Michael Smith, Robert M Smith, William N Smith
Soterion: William Soterion
Soujanen: Mary B Soujanen
Southerland: Bruce Southerland
Spagnuolo:  (no 1st name given) Spagnuolo
Spangler: Ann Spangler
Speciale: Mrs. Grace Speciale
Spoor:  Jacqueline M Spoor
Stanforth: Wayne Stanforth
Starr:  Albert Starr
Stebbins:  Mrs. Jeanette Stebbins
Steelman: Arthur H Steelman
Steffen: Theresa Steffen
Stevens: (no 1st name given) Stevens, Dennis W Stevens
St Germain:  Paul St Germain
St Germaine:  Robert A St Germaine
Still:  Charles Still
Stimpson:  Alan Stimpson
St Jean: Roger St Jean 
Stokes: Mrs. Alice Stokes, Mrs. Linda M Stokes, Lionel P Stokes
Stringer: Andre Stringer
Struss:  Ruth Struss
Stuart:  Judith Stuart 
Sullivan:  Andrew Sullivan, Eva Sullivan
Surowiec: Robert Surowiec
Sutphen: Eric D Sutphen
Sweeney:  Edward Sweeney
Swiecicki: Ellen Swiecicki
Szekunda:  Ray Szekunda 
Szepan: Alfred Szepan
Szumierz:  Kenneth Szumierz

Talbot: Paul F Talbot
Tanguay:  (no 1st name given) Tanguay
Tardiff:  Stephen Tardiff
Tatro: Andrew C Tatro
Taylor:  Jean Taylor, Richard Taylor
Teickman: Ann Teickman
Telless:  L Telless
Temple: Joseph C Temple
Texeira:  Robert Texeira
Thayer: Carleton Thayer, Elmer F Thayer
Theriault: David A Theriault
Therrien: Richard F Therrien
Thibault: Eleanor A Thibault, Richard Thibault
Thibeault: Annie Thibeault, Louisa Thibeault, Richard Thibeault
Thompson: (no 1st name given) Thompson, John Thompson, Peter Thompson
Thomsen: Robert E Thomsen
Tilden:  Mrs. Lillian I Tilden
Tirrell: Mrs. Vicki Tirrell
Tobin: Patricia A Tobin
Todd:  Charles H Todd, Gary Todd
Toepel: Michael P Toepel
Tokofsky: Julius J Tokofsky
Tolken:  Steven Tolken
Touchette: Richard Touchette
Towle: Herbert L Towle Jr,  Robert L Towle, Rodney Towle
Townsend:  Richard Townsend
Tracy: Allen P Tracy, Mary E Tracy 
Tremblay: Albert J Tremblay, Lionel A Tremblay, N Tremblay
Triacca: James M Triacca
Tullis: David F Tullis
Tuoti: Frank Tuoti
Turcotte: Alan J Turcotte, June Tourcotte, June V Turcotte
Turgeon:  Jean Turgeon
Turner:  John Turner 
Tylenda: Chester A Tylenda
Tynan:  Michael Tynan

Vachon: Robert Vachon
Vaillancourt: Mrs. Wendy Vaillancourt
Vaillencourt: Mrs. Patricia Vaillencourt
Vallee: Daniel Vallee, Eileen Vallee, John A Vallee
Valley:  Alfred J Valley, Eugene J Valley, Sherwin Valley
Van Driesen:  Deborah Van Driesen
Vander Haegen: William F Vander Haegen
Venecek: Clarence J Venecek
Venne: Paul F Venne Jr
Verville: Ellison Verville, Gerald R Verville, George A Verville, Germaine Verville, Robert G Verville, Yvonne Verville
Vezina: Auria Vezina, Normand R Vezina, Paul Vezina, Mrs. Reta Vezina, William P Vezina
Viall: C James Viall
Viar:  Aubrey Viar, James R Viar 
Vigliotti: Mrs. Dorothy Vigliotti
Vincent: Mrs. Gabrielle Vincent, Roger E Vincent
Vitagliano:  Richard R Vitagliano

Walsh: Don Walsh
Walton: Robert Walton
Warner:  John M Warner, Stanley F Warner
Warren:  George Warren
Watson: David Watson
Webb:  Charles F Webb
Webster: Peter Webster (2x)
Weed:  Roger Weed
Welch: John Welch, John P Welch, Mrs. Sophie B Welch
Wells: Walter J Wells
Wentworth: David Wentworth
Wheatley: Ronald Wheatley
Whedon:  (no 1st name given) Whedon
White:  (no 1st name given) White, James White, Linda White, Michael White, Theo White
Whitney:  Cora M Whitney, Randy T Whitney
Whitted: Howard Whitted
Whitten:  Robert C Whitten
Wilcox: Brodie W Wilcox, Edward E Wilcox
Wilder:  Thomas Wilder
Wilkinson:  Scott Wilkinson
Williams:  Jack C Williams
Willis: Dana Willis
Wilson:  William S Wilson
Wisner: Mark Wisner 
Wombolt: George Wombolt
Wright:  (no 1st name given) Wright, David Wright, Wendy Wright, William J Wright 
Wye: George P Wye
Wynne:  William Wynne

Yeargle: Warren Yeargle
Young: Andrew Young, Harriet M Young

Zachodny: M John Zachodny
Zielinski: Stephen Zielinski
Zinis:  Thomas Zinis
Zogopoulas: Steven Zogopoulas
Zukowski: John Zukowski

Trucking Companies:
Berube Truck & Trailer Service
Hamel's Transportation Trucking
John Currier Truck Leasing
Keith's Truck Service
Robert Marier Trucking 
Wayne Hamel Trucking Company 

New Hampshire
Bear Brook


  1. Here's a recent update: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/05/13/finding-lisa-story-murders-mysteries-loss-and-incredibly-new-life/vCCxbYYUD63kjIoIMJQiWM/story.html

  2. Yes, that article and others are posted on the Media page at http://oakhillresearch.blogspot.com/2016/07/media-on-evans.html