The Bear Brook Gardens Project

 We have been re-creating Bear Brook Gardens mobile home park in order to locate all of the families who lived there between 1977 and 1985. We want to ensure that every former resident has heard of this case (and that four bodies were found) and that every woman who lived there during the era in question is alive or died under normal circumstances. In light of the new information released in January of 2017, we are also asking people to recall any memories they may have of 'Bob Evans' and his activities on the Bear Brook Store property or elsewhere.

Aerial photography of the park aided us in mapping out the lots which can be viewed here.

If your name is on this list of former residents and we haven't had the chance to speak with you yet, would you contact us at (Ronda 207-841-2526 or Or if you lived in Allenstown NH (Suncook) between 1977 and 1985 and would like to be added to a private Facebook group (80 members so far) who are helping us map out and learn about Allenstown back in the day, friend request Ronda Randall and mention that you lived there. 

To help jog memories, we posted a listing of Allenstown residents from 1982 (per city directory) and a listing of everyone in NH who had a 485 phone exchange that year. 1982 holds no particular significance, we just chose the midway point of the years the authorities gave for when they believe the bodies were deposited on the property. 

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