Survey on Bob Evans Identity

   During the last days of the presidential election, when it became apparent to me that the outcome of the election was likely going to tip the establishment on its head, I devised a little survey that I posted on Facebook. It was 10 or 15 questions asking things like was the winner going to win the popular and electoral vote, how wide was the margin going to be, etc. I have always been fascinated with how people think and how they predict outcomes based on those thoughts. Well, in the case of Bob Evans (BE), I am even more interested in conclusions and assumptions - those that people are making about who he is, what kind of background he came from etc, because of how those assumptions are guiding the search for his identity. When he is identified, and I believe that day is not far off, I would like to go back to folks who guessed correctly and learn what factors contributed to their choices. Intuition? Reasoning? Experience in criminology? How often did we jump to wrong conclusions and why? Over-analysis, media influence, placing too much importance on one random fact?

1. Was BE officially listed as a missing person at some time in the past? 
2. Was he a high school graduate?
3. Was he a college graduate?
4. Did he serve in the military?
5. Did he have Danish or Norwegian ancestry?
6. Did his real name contain any of the names in his aliases?
7. Was he born and raised in New England?
8. Was he born or raised on the west coast of the US? 
9. Was he born or raised outside of the US?
10. Was he born in the years 1930 through 1942?
11. Was he born in the years 1943 through 1956?
12. Were his parents still together when he was 18?
13. Did he have a criminal record prior to the age of 30? (excluding minor traffic violations such as speeding, etc)
14. Did he ever hold a valid electrician's license? 
15. Did he ever legally marry?
16. Was he incarcerated prior to his appearance in NH in 1977?
17. How will he eventually be identified:
a). By DNA
b). A member of the public recognizes him
c). A websleuth identifies him or
d). Law enforcement identifies him (i.e. fingerprints, military records, past criminal records, etc) 

18. Did he stage his own death at some point in the past so that people who once knew him believed him to already be dead?

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