Key to Names:
Not found = 0
Found and contacted = 1
Found and not contacted yet = 2
Found and not cooperated = 3 (may just mean that we have messaged someone several times on Facebook and perhaps they haven't seen it) 
Unknown: name at an address but family denies having a family member with that first name (these names were printed in the old city directories and we decided to leave them on the list below in case one of them might be more than just a data collecting error).
Women's maiden names in parentheses
Deceased men and women identified as Deceased

Alaimo: 3
James W Alaimo
Linda R (Barton) Alaimo    

Allen:   1
Kenneth J Allen Jr
Carleen Ann (Gustafson) Allen  

Arnold: 1
William J III Arnold  Deceased 2004
Valerie (?) Arnold     Deceased 2013

Ashton:  1
Jonathan A Ashton  Deceased 1996
Cheryl (Stevens) Ashton Barnes 
William Ashton = Unknown 

Bailey: 3
Dennis G Bailey Sr
Pamela L (Christie) Bailey    

Bargmann: 3
Thomas H Bargmann
Lori A Bargmann

Gregory G Bartlett 0 
Beatrice L Bartlett Hamel 1  

Barton: 0
George Barton
Richard Barton
Wives? Girlfriends?

Beaudoin: 3
Gerard Beaudoin

James M Beaulieu 0
Gail Ann (Loucks) Beaulieu Watts   3   

Beaulieu: 0
George Beaulieu

Belanger: 3
Joseph K Belanger
Beverly A (Philibert) Belanger    

Bell: 3
Alfred Edward Bell IV
Patricia J (Loucks) Bell   

William Belletete Sr  Deceased 1984
Nancy F (Loucks) Belletete  3
Bennett:  1
Lloyd Bennett: Unknown
Louise Cora (Sanborn) Bennett Davison Edson     

Bergeron: 0
Robert Paul Bergeron Sr    Deceased 2005

Birdsey: 3
Kenneth William Birdsey
Deborah Jean (Putnam) Birdsey

Birnie: 1
William J Birnie Jr
Shelley M (Connor) Birnie

Biron:  0
Wilfred Biron   Deceased 2004
Bertha May (Fitterer) Biron  Deceased 1979
David Shawn Biron

Bishopric:  0
Robert John Bishopric   Deceased 2008
Rita Olive (Grimes) Bishopric Deceased 2012

Blake:  1
Wayne A Blake
Theresa L (Sherman) Blake
Blanchette: 3
Jacques Blanchette

Robert George Boisseau  Deceased 2014

Bond: 3 
James Thornton Bond

Bont:  3
Eugene Flint Bont
Tina Marie (Titus) Bont

Boulanger: 0
Real O Boulanger

Gerard P Boulet  0
Wyatt A Boulet   1

Armand: Unknown
Roland John Bovio  0
Delores A (Bishop) Bovio     Deceased 2013

Boyce:  0
Edward Boyce  Which Edward in the area?

Boyce:  0
Robert J Boyce  Which Robert in the area?

Boynton: 1
*Kenneth Charles Boynton  Deceased 2015
Sherry Lynn (Nedeau) MacRae Boynton    
* Met with Kenneth prior to his death

Bray: 0
Thomas Bray  Which Thomas in the area?

Breault: 3
Brian Francis Breault
Eve Sharon (Halfrey) Breault

Brideau:  0
Gary P Brideau
Diane (Perry) Brideau
Goe (?) Brideau

Francis Joseph Brissette Jr 2
Jody Lee (Banker) Brissette  2

Bruno: 0
Pat Bruno (Patricia?) (Patrick?)

David Kevin Bull  2
Tammy Jo (Potter) Bull   Deceased 1989 homicide

Burnham: 0
Joseph Burnham  Which Joseph in the area?

Callahan:  1 
John F Callahan

John J Cananzey   Deceased 2009
Betty J (Knutson) Cananzey   2

Carlson: 1
Craig S Carlson
Susan E (Wilhelm) Carlson

Carter: 0
John C Carter
Lorraine B Carter

Case:  3
Harold Frederick Case
Judith J (Jordan) Garrion Case

Chagnon: 0
Pamela Jean (Sherman) Chagnon

Chalifoux:  0
Edward Chalifoux  Which Edward in the area?

David J Champagne  3
Donna M (Paquet) Champagne Trumble  2

Dennis Robert Champagne   0
Susan D (McMullen) Champagne Drouin   2
Gregory Gregory   0

Champagne: 0
Patricia Champagne  Which Patricia Champagne?

Chandler:  0
George Edwin Chandler

Chandler:   0
Marie Chandler  Which Marie Chandler?

Chandler:   0
Merle Chandler 

Winston Robert Clark Sr  Deceased 1992
Hazel Ettamae (Wiggin) Clark Deceased 1984
Roland Clark   0

Cole:  0
Russell David Cole
Billie Rose (Friedrich) Cole

Freddie E Comtois  Deceased at NH State Prison 2014

Cote:  2
Alain J Cote
Michelle (Paquin) Cote

Cox:  0
Linda Cox  Which Linda Cox?

Richard Norman Creeden  2
Lorraine Janet (Costa) Creeden  Deceased 2011

Donald Alan Croteau   Deceased 2011
Susan Gayle Croteau  0

Cruikshank, Cruickshank (sp?):  0
John Cruikshank
Roy Cruikshank

Crutchley: 0
Henry Joseph Crutchley
Nancy J Crutchley Clifford

Cunningham: 2
Brice Robert Cunningham
Cheryl "Cheri" Ann Cunningham

Daskey: 3
Theresa R Daskey

Delahanty:  2
Eileen Ann Delahanty

Delosh: 2
Harold J Delosh
Sharleen A Delosh

Delottenville, Delottinville (sp?):  0
Edward Delottenville

Densten: 2
Glenwood Everett Densten III
Doris A Densten

Randall Robert Derby   Deceased 2013

Desrochers:  0
Theresa M (Pelletier) Desrochers Boisseau

Lucien A Desrochers  2
Angela P Desrochers  0

Deyette:   1
Mary Jane Deyette

Dias: 0
Arthur Dias  Which Dias's are these?
Paul Dias

Dittrich:  2
Bettina C Dittrich

Dohse: 0
David Darrell Dohse

Bruce Denis Douillette  1
Loretta Faye Douillette  0

Charles L Douillette  Deceased 2006

Douillette: 1
Roger Arthur Douillette
Eileen Carol (Emerson) Douillette

Drew: 0
Claire Drew  Which Claire is this?

Duchesneau: 2
Robert D Duchesneau
Ellis Annette Duchesneau

Eccleston:  2
Robert E Eccleston
Pamela E (Sutphen) Eccleston

Ellis: 2
Jeffrey E Ellis
Cheryl Ann Ellis Monroe

Farnsworth:  3
Neil C Farnsworth
Dionne E (Barrett) Farnsworth

Frank Robert Fay  Deceased 2015
Claudia Marie (Bemis) Fay Condiff  3

Lucien Joseph Ferron  Deceased 1990
Pauline Claire Ferron  2

Filella: 2
Carl Anthony Filella
Amanda Patricia (Berry) Fillela

Bruce Wayne Fogg Sr  Deceased 2002
Marie-Paule Nicole (Richard) Fogg  1

Foster: 0
George Foster
Paul S Foster  Who are these guys?

Fowler: 1
Dennis R Fowler
Maureen (Alberts) Fowler

William F Fredette Sr   Deceased 1996
Shirley Marie (White) Fredette   Deceased 1998

William F Fredette Jr  2
Catherine B (Rowley) Rossignol Fredette Drew Deceased 2004

Fuller: 2
Thomas N Fuller
Donna M (Leduc) Fuller

Furrow: 2
George W Furrow

Gabert:  2
Gary F Gabert

Gagne:  1
Richard P Gagne
Laura L Gagne

Gagnon:  0
Cynthia L Gagnon

Gagnon: 0
Robert Gagnon  Which Robert is this?

Gagnon: 2
Roland Denis Gagnon
Jocelyne Nicole (Charron) Gagnon

Gallant:  0
Ha Thi Gallant

Gaumont:  2
Kimberly A Gaumont

Gilman:  2
Leonard G Gilman Jr
Linda L (Jennings) Gilman

Allan H Glines  0
Flora Ellen (Aldred) Glines Noble  Deceased 2001

Gourlay: 1
Gary A Gourlay
Deborah Agnes (Loucks) Gourlay

Gourley:  0   
James Gourley   Which James is this?

Graham: 0  
Roger Graham   Which Roger is this?

Alton Norman Gray   (Sr or Jr? Sr deceased 1993, Jr deceased 2003)

William M Greenwood  Deceased 1998
Eileen P (Shore) Greenwood  Deceased 1995

Gregg: 1
Susan Alice Gregg

Griffin: 0
Wayne D Griffin
Joan Griffin

Hervey Albert Grimard   Deceased 2013

Haffey:  2
Kevin M Haffey

Haggerty: 3
John Haggerty
William M Haggerty
Patrice Marie (Thibodeau) Haggerty

Hamel: 1
Walter J Hamel
*Lorraine C (Vezina) Hamel   Deceased 2016
Met with Lorraine prior to her death

Hammond: 3
Joseph Aloysius Hammond   Deceased 1997
Susan M Hammond

Hanley:  2
Peter Ronald Hanley Jr
Judith Ann Hanley

Hanna:  0
Josephine Hanna

Hanneman: 2
Richard A Hanneman
Marjorie J (Spear) Hanneman Moulton Wedgeworth

Hannemann: 1
Robert M Hannemann Jr  Deceased 1977
Kathleen Mary (Soule) Hannemann Olivier
Roger D Olivier

Richard Arthur Hanright Sr   Deceased 2010
Lynda M (Leonard) Hanright   2

Hanson: 0
Lloyd Hanson

Hanson: 0
Richard Hanson

Hardy:  2
Shirley M Hardy Corrow Chappelle

Harmon:  0
Gail Shelton (Higgins) Harmon LaBuda
Harris:  2
Carl Dean Harris   Deceased 2007

Hathaway:   0
Samuel W Hathaway Jr
Jayne Arthur (Roffman) Hathaway   Deceased 2005

Robert David Heath
Rachel Anne Marie Heath

Hebert:  1
Alfred H Hebert
Carrie Ann Hebert

Hebert:  0
Dennis R Hebert
Ann M (Kelley) Hebert

Daniel R Hebert   0
Lisa G Rousseau  3

Higgins:   2
David D Higgins   
Patricia (Nardone) Higgins Boucher   
James Nardone 

Higgins:   0
Richard Higgins Which RH in the area?

Hitchcock:  0
Clarence Hitchcock

Phyllis Arlene (Severance) Holt   Deceased 2000

Hoyle:   1
*Sharon J (Boynton) Hoyle   Deceased 2015
* Met with Sharon prior to her death

Hudson:  0
David Hudson Which DH in the area?

John H Hull Jr       Deceased 1983
Caroline Mary (Lowery) Hull  Deceased (Murder/Suicide) 1986

Isaia:  1
Nicholas N Isaia Sr
Lois Eva (Edwards) Isaia
Arthur: Unknown

Fred Jenness     Deceased 2000

Jesmer:  2
Tina Ann (Mahoney) Jesmer Gillis Barry
Donald A Gillis  0

Jodoin:   0
Charles A Jodoin       Deceased 1990
Jane Jodoin
Ronald D Jodoin       Deceased 2012

Johnson:  2
Don W Johnson
Suzanne (Mancini) Johnson Maynard
David Johnson

Johnson:  0
George E Johnson
Susan (Dunn) Johnson

Joyce:  0
Diane Joyce  Which DJ is this?

Kelley:  1
James J Kelley   Deceased 1996
Kathleen A Kelley
Madeline Kelley

Kelly:   1
John J Kelley
Andrea (Hyman) Kelley

King:  3
Donald E King
Harold Joseph King Jr
Jeanne M (Ahern) King Duford

King:  0
John D King

Kingsbury:  0
Linda J (White) Kingsbury

John O Kiriakoutsos       Deceased 2010
Beverly H Kiriakoutsos   Deceased 1987

Knight:  1
Kenneth Franklin Knight Sr   Deceased 2000
Cindy Lee (Brown) Knight
Ronald Knight = unknown

Theodore Brian Korpi   
Crystal Faith Dezaine     1
Darlene Leanan              0

Koutrouba:  0
David Koutrouba

LaBarre:  2
Leon H Labarre
Linda J Labarre
Joseph Albert Labarre

LaBuda:  2
Carl J LaBuda Jr
Cheryl A Labuda

Lafleur:  2
Beverly Linda Lafleur

Lagor:  1
*Clifford H Lagor   Deceased 2015
Dorothy M (Cowdry) Dio Lagor
* Met with Clifford prior to his death

Lavallee:  1
Steven M Lavallee
Yvonne M (Workman) Tynan Lavallee

Lawler:  0
Dennis Lawler? Dennis Lawlor?

Lawler:   0
Bruce I Lawler 

Lemieux:  1
Raymond M Lemieux
Kathleen C (St Cyr) Gregoire Lemieux

Lepine:  0
Fred G Lepine
Bettie J (Scott) Lepine

L'Esperance:  2
Ronald M L'Esperance
Cynthia C L'Esperance

Lindh:  1
David Charles Lindh
*Louise Rose (Lauze) Lindh Robidas  Deceased 2016
Corresponded with Louise prior to her death

Philip F Lindh Jr   Deceased 1986
Eve T. Fogarty    2

Lipke:    2
Leslie Lowell Lipke
Daisy Mae Lipke

Locke:  2
Arthur Locke
Ronald C Locke
Paula L Locke White

Loucks:  2
Bryan John Loucks

Loucks:  1
Charles David Loucks Sr   Deceased 2010
Dathene "Tina" V (Perkins) Loucks

Loucks:  1
Charles David Loucks Jr
Lisa M (Houran) Loucks

Lovering:   2
Howard Lovering
Corinne M Lovering  aka Cori Supernaw
(Corinne Stremlau?)

Luckern:  2
Cecil Bernard Luckern Jr   Deceased 2012
Judith L (Banker) Luckern

MacDonald:   0
Paul E MacDonald  Deceased 2015
Edna S MacDonald
Edward Warren MacDonald Sr

MacGibbon:  0
Edward McGibbon  (sp? MacGibbon)

Magoolaghan:   2
Jolene (Greene) Magoolaghan Kumpa Mitchell

Makros:  1
Christopher J Makros
Deborah A Makros 

Mandigo:  2
Elwin "Al" Mandigo     

Marpes:  1
Edward J Marpes        Deceased 2001
Theresa C Marpes Gamache   Deceased 2004

Martel:  0
Ronald Martel- which Ronald in the area?

Martin:  0
Oscar Jack Martin

Martin:  0
Raymond Martin - which Raymond in the area?

Martin:   0
Ronald Martin - which Ronald in the area?

McCluskey:  2
Donald J McCluskey
Jeanne (Dusek) McCluskey

McDonald:  1
Bruce D McDonald
Rhonda L (Munsey) Weeks

McNeil:   3
James McNeil
Michael J McNeil
Cindy Lou (Young) McNeil Houghton

Melanson:  0
Michael Melanson
Denise I Purrington Melanson

Meuer:    3
Anthony George Meuer Jr      Deceased 2009
Frieda Grace (Lemerise) MacDonald Meuer   Deceased 2002

Miles:   1
Kevin W Miles   Deceased 2015
Peggy K Miles Poulin

Miles:  0
Gladys Miles

Mills:  2
Frederick L Mills III
Suzan E (Zalenski) Mills Poulin

Moore:     0
George Moore    Which George is this?
Patrick Edward Moore   
Alyce Adel Moore         
Phyllis J Bishopric         

Morgan:   1
Kevin F Morgan
Ann E (Davies) Morgan

Morris:    0
Gary F Morris

Morse:   2
Michael D Morse

Moulton:   0
Robert Moulton   Which Robert is this?

Murray:   2
Roland Bernard Murray   Deceased 1992
Thomas S Murray
Donna K (Workman) Murray

Myers:   0
Robert R Myers
Donna F Myers

Nedeau:    2
Ronald Ernest Nedeau
Barbara E (Bayles) Nedeau  Deceased
Patricia A (Frekey) Joly Nedeau    Deceased

Newell:   1
Eli A Newell ("Bill")

O'Brien:   0
Patrick O'Brien   Which Patrick in the area?

O'Connell:   0
Eileen O'Connell    Which Eileen in the area?

Oliver:   0
Donald Oliver   Which Donald in the area?

Packer:   2
Norma Ann (Packer) Merrill

Parker:   2
Thomas E Parker
Judy Parker

Paul:   2
Edward Reginald Paul Sr     Deceased
Constance Louise (Hill) Paul       Deceased

Payne:   0
Thomas J Payne

Pellerin:  0
Richard A Pellerin     Deceased
Shirley G (Rideout) Perkins    Deceased

Pepin:   2
Richard Pepin
Joan Pepin

Perkins:    0
Edward Perkins
Jeffrey Perkins

Perkins:   0
Nancy A Perkins

Perkins:  0
Randall C Perkins
Melody Cynthia (Janka) Perkins (Balmer) Glow

Perrier:  1
Richard G Perrier

Petersheim:  2
Daniel T Petersheim
Cynthia Lynn (Smith) Petersheim

Pickering:   2
Bruce Alan Pickering
Linda Sue (Yeaton) Pickering

Pratt:   2
David A Pratt
Diane Marie (Racicot) Pratt Jones

Proctor:    2
Steven James Proctor
Sally Maria Proctor Phelps

Proulx:   0
Raymond J Proulx
Patricia J Proulx

Rae:    0
George C Rae
Linda Jean (Payson) (Isabelle) Rae Vaillancourt

Ray:   0
Henry Ray
William J Ray
Susan M Ray

Reed:  0
James Reed     Which James in the area?

Relette: (spelling?)   0
William Relette
William Ouellette?

Remillard:  2
Priscilla Joyce Remillard

Roberts:   0
James Roberts   Which James in the area?

Robinson:   2
Thomas P Robinson

Rogers:    0
Stephen Rogers  Which Stephen in the area?

Rojek:    2
Dick Michael Rojek
Kathy Ann (Beckwith) Rojek

Rollins:   1
David W Rollins
Linda L (Dwyer) Rollins

Rossignoll:   0
William Earl Rossignoll
Catherine B (Rowley) Rossignoll (Fredette) (Drew)  Deceased

Rubin:    0
David Rubin
Byron Rubin
Katherine Rubin

Rutledge:   0
Douglas Rutledge

Santoro:   2
Douglas Francis Santoro
Maureen T (Wilder) Santoro Kowaleski

Saucier:  2
Donald P Saucier
Joann Saucier Heath

Saucier:  3
Elizabeth Ann (Aube) (Vining) Saucier
Vinson Leo Vining

Sayles:  1
Ronald Earle Sayles Sr
Robin E Sayles
Ernest Sayles

Scott:  2
Earle Lewis Frank Scott   Deceased
Carolyn Scott
Dale G Moore

Scott:  2
Willard F Scott    Deceased
Luella E (Chick) Scott   Deceased
Sebastian:  0
Martha Sebastian

Sepessy:   1
Henry L Sepessy III
Cathi Jean (Charest) Sepessy Haselton

Sharp:  2
Evelyn Mary Sharp Daring Fitzgerald

Shea:   2
Robert Francis Shea
Mary Shea
Linda Marie (Agan) Shea

Sherman:   1
*Herbert M Sherman Sr    Deceased
Elizabeth E (Blackey) Sherman 
* met with Herbert prior to his death

Shields:   2
Robert L Shields
Dolores C (LeBlanc) Shields

Silva:   1
Daniel E Silva
Donna Marie (Miller) Silva Johnson

Silvia:    2
Matthew Silvia
Rose Silvia

Simano:    2
Norman Barry Simano Sr
Pamela S (Emery) Simano   Deceased

Simmons:   2
Douglas A Simmons
Susan E (Brewer) Simmons

Smith:   3
Gary M Smith
Joan M Smith

Smith:   2
Glenn Harding Smith Sr
Sandra Lee (Jones) Smith

Smith:   1
Gregory Stephens Smith
Catherine A (Sandsbury) Smith Talford

Smith:   2
Robert M Smith Jr
Joanne B (Lessels) Smith Thomas

Smith:   2
William F Smith
Beverly L (Palmer) Smith    Deceased

Soule:   2
Peter Anthony Soule
Lucy T (Desrochers) Soule

Southwick:  3
Alan M Southwick
Linda Southwick
Jeanette M (LaSalle) Southwick

Spangler:  2
Robert Spangler
Anne V (Machado) Spangler

Stanley:   0
Thomas Stanley   Who is this guy??

Staples:   0
Cynthia Staples

Steffen:   1
Robert Paul Steffen aka Bob Holmes, Bob Stone    Deceased 
Therese Emilia (Francoeur) (Bilodeau) Steffen

Stimpson:   2
Alan D Stimpson
Ellen Frances (Murphy) Stimpson

St Laurent:  1
Earl Bartlett St Laurent
Sandra (Russo) St Laurent Drew
John St Laurent

St Louis:  3
Barbara M St Louis-Sadrnoori

Stofanak:   2
Stephen F Stofanak
Gail S (Blair) Stofanak   Deceased

Stremlau:    3
C Spencer Stremlau
Corinne Lovering

Sweeney:   1
Ernest A Sweeney    Deceased
Margaret A (Glover) Sweeney (Palmer)
Dorothy Sweeney Bourgeois
Jacqueline Sweeney

Szekunda:  0
Raymond Szekunda (attorney)

Taylor:   0
Jean Taylor  Which Jean Taylor is this?

Teichmann:   2
Ann A Teichman     Deceased 
Ardell A Teichman Currier

Therrien:  0
Robert Therrien    Which Robert Therrien is this?

Paul Thibeault   Which Paul Thibeault is this?

Tillson:    3
George Tillson
Robert Stanley Tillson
Andrea L (Gray) Tillson

Tolken:   3
Henry Tolken
Steven Joseph Tolken
Pamela J (Metcalf) Tolken Gardner

Turcotte:  2
June Victoria (Joseph) Young Coleman Turcotte McManus   Deceased

Triacca:   3
James M Triacca
Carolyn L Triacca

Turner:   0
Orton B Turner    Deceased
Glenda M Turner

Tynan:    1
Michael Edward Tynan
Yvonne Marie (Workman) Tynan Lavallee
Don Michael Tynan   Deceased

Victor:   0
Harold Victor

Victor:  2
Jon Robert Victor

Vien:   2
Edward L Vien
Clifton R Vien
Diane L Vien

David Wallace  Which David Wallace is this?

Webster:   2
Peter Joseph Webster  

Welch:    3
John Russell Welch Jr

Wentworth:   0
David M Wentworth
Joanne R Dickinson

Whisenhunt:   1
Robert O Whisenhunt
Wanda (Free) Whisenhunt

White:   1
Glenn A White
Marjorie L White

Williams:   0
Wilma Williams  Who is this person?

Wilson:   0
Neil Evart Wilson    Deceased
Carolyn (Brown) Wilson

Wood:   2
Vincent Roy Wood  Deceased
Dolores A (Descheneaux) Wood

Woods:   2
Sandra Jean (Woods) Keefe Sattler

Zutz:   0
Ronald A Zutz

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